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January 2012

DMSi's Element Interface Now Provides Necessary Payment Card Security

DMSi Software, in partnership with Element Payment Services, is pleased to announce the availability of TransForm™ tokenization and Hosted Payments technology with their upcoming February Agility software release (4.4.0).  This technology will allow your business to securely access cardholder data for card-on-file billing without taking on the risk, liability and Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance complexities associated with on-premise data storage. Additionally, Hosted Payments completely removes all sensitive cardholder data from Agility. Not only does this technology exceed the stringent PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) and better protect your business, but it also will significantly simplify and reduce the cost of compliance for businesses.

Due to the high costs of credit card fraud, each of the major credit card brands have agreed to make the PCI DSS requirements an essential part of their own data security programs and are more serious than ever about stressing the importance of compliance. PCI DSS is a set of twelve requirements that all businesses—including government entities— must comply with in order to accept credit and debit cards from their customers.

Up until recently, “Level 4 Merchants” processing less than 20,000 e-commerce transactions through a single major credit card brand or less than 1 million total transactions a year through a single major credit card brand, have been provided PCI DSS compliance leniency because payment brands generally have “bigger fish to fry.” But, starting in 2009, a related set of software application standards originating from the PCI SSC came into effect called the Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS). The PA-DSS requirements apply to software applications that are used by merchants to process, store or transmit information at the point-of-sale (POS). The PA-DSS is considered to be just as, if not more, costly to comply with than the PCI DSS. This 2009 mandate required Level 4 merchants to only use PA-DSS validated payment applications in order to meet their own PCI DSS compliance obligations or face stiff fines and a potential end to their ability to process payments.

The new TransForm™ tokenization and point-to-point (P2PE) encryption in Agility delivers PCI DSS Compliance and moves the responsibility of storing, transmitting and processing of cardholder data to an outsourced hosted payment solution.If you're already processing payments through Agility using Element, getting started with this new feature is quick, easy, and no additional Agility cost. Protect your business by simply contacting DMSi’s Productivity Solutions Specialist, Shelly Fulsher, at 800-347-6720, extension 308.

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