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Agility is the leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for the building materials industry. Based on input from hundreds of customers, Agility answers the unique needs of this industry. It manages every stage of the building products cycle, from production to distribution, all the way through delivery to the customer's hands. Since its release in 2001, over 400 dealers and distributors have selected Agility as their platform.
Agility cuts through the manual busy-work that clogs every department. Common sense menus and timesaving functions make daily processes faster and easier. Whether it’s writing a quote, scheduling deliveries, or creating work orders, Agility’s interface lets users quickly complete the task or find an answer. Employees spend less time staring at their screens and more time helping customers.


“Agility has made us a better organization. Our team is more efficient because we have better information.”
–Sterling Golder, Sales Manager, Britton Lumber 


Agility’s powerful data-processing tools reveal patterns, true costs, and opportunities to improve profitability. Purchasing can avoid stale inventory by predicting customer buying trends. Dispatch can cut delivery costs by optimizing schedules and routes. Sales can improve margins by identifying the most profitable products, accounts, and locations. Agility gives executives the information they need to grow their bottom line without growing headcount.


“We view Agility as an essential piece of equipment. It tells us everything we need to know to run our business. Bottom line is it’s our lifeline, the blood of our company. Without it, we’d be dead in the water.”
–Jeff Muratori, President, Division 7 Supply


Find detailed information about Agility by watching the YouTube video below.