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Viewing and interacting with your business data has never been easier than it is now with BInformed, Agility’s powerful business intelligence application. BInformed is a flexible, user-friendly business intelligence application that supports quick decision making and standardizes reporting processes from multiple sources throughout building material organizations. Users can interactively zero in on answers to business performance questions, instantly detect business trends, and strategically respond to the ever-changing events occurring in distribution.

Standard applications of BInformed:

BInformed Executive Dashboard
BInformed Executive Dashboard provides a one page overview to Executive level personnel to know the status of the business on one screen. Executive Dashboard gives you an overview of Sales Analysis, Daily Sales, Inventory, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable all on one screen with high level drill down capabilities. If you need detail on any of these areas, they can move to the module specific screens to drill down to get to the necessary details about each of the specific areas of your business.

BInformed Sales Analysis
BInformed Sales Analysis provides detailed performance information for sales representatives and sales managers. It places decision making data - sales, margin and margin percentages - in the hands of your sales team, allowing them to quickly modify their sales strategy and minimize lost opportunities. Sales professionals can further drill down to find additional opportunities by viewing top performing products and trends, or in one-click view sales performance by branch, customer, agent or specific date selection.

Managers maximize time by quickly tracking effectiveness and sales performance. Compiling data from various sources was once a tedious and time-consuming task; but BInformed provides interactive views immediately using the most up-to-date information. Executives find sales analysis trend tools are an effective way to see which items are contributing the most to the company's margin and where the company is going.

BInformed Accounts Receivable Analysis
BInformed Accounts Receivable Analysis automatically identifies accounts with potential problems as credit managers review open accounts. BInformed transforms Agility data into actionable information in order to make key business decisions. Executives can quickly view an accurate, comprehensive account of all company activity. They will spend more time understanding key performance indicators and driving informed business decisions.

BInformed Inventory Analysis
BInformed Inventory Analysis empowers Inventory Managers, Executives, Purchasing Agents, and Sales Representatives with a new level of inventory intimacy, giving quick insight into your inventory position. Complex measurement calculations for viewing turns, earns, and GMROI are simply a click away when using BInformed. In addition, there is a dedicated tab to allow you to really analyze your slow moving and dead stock to properly stay on top of product that is costing you money and needing to be addressed. These measures - accessible by branch, product class, item, buyer and supplier - ensure your inventory investment is generating the maximum return while supporting your customer service goals and objectives.

BInformed Supplier Analysis
BInformed Supplier Analysis allows you to quickly see all data related to your suppliers. The KPI tab (key performance indicators) shows data on all inbound POs, the fill rate percentages, and on time delivery percents. You are also able to see trends for the received dollar amount and fill rate values by a number of selection criteria branch, supplier, purchasing agent, product major, item, etc. Additionally there are tabs for Receipt Analysis, Receipt Comparison, AP Aging, Payment Analysis, and all open orders. This is your purchasing department's one stop module to analyze what you are buying, what is on AP, and how your vendors are performing.

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