Agility Features


  • Accounts ReceivableImprove cash flow and operational efficiency in your accounts receivable with a complete A/R module including integrated invoicing, cash collection, and credit management.
  • Accounts Payable Efficiently manage financial assets and supplier relationships by streamlining purchasing and payment processes. Through improved invoice processing, users are better equipped to make strategic management decisions that affect A/P and overall profit levels.
  • General Ledger Make informed financial decisions by analyzing historical, drill-down data from the general ledger while controlling multi-company accounting, budgeting, and reporting.


  • Customize your order entry screen. Include only the fields you need, in the order you need them. Create interfaces for a specific employee or department, or a general interface for the entire company.
  • Fast, error-free custom orders. Employees are provided with a list of valid options for each component of custom windows and doors. Reps only have to enter order details once when they use Agility’s interfaces with major manufacturers and configurators. Cuts order-entry time in half and reduces errors.
  • Fully integrated customer portal. Reduce call volume with the Agility self-service portal. Customers access their account information to get pricing, check available stock, print invoices, and even submit their own orders. The portal is fully functional and ready to go. There’s no need to build your own site or add employees to maintain it.

Purchasing and Inventory Management

  • Simplify your product catalog. A single item code accounts for all variations of a product (e.g. different lengths and colors). Dramatically reduces the volume of items in your system and makes catalog set up, search, and maintenance much easier.
  • Buy in bulk and sell by the piece. Agility handles every possible unit of measurement (PC, UNIT, BF, MBF, LF, M3, etc) and can be fine-tuned to know the right time to use the right one. Easily calculate costs and profits at any point in the supply chain.
  • Find what you need, when you need it. Quickly locate the correct product by searching inventory across branches, down to the piece count and item dimensions in a tallied unit. Agility also assigns unique IDs to every non-stock item, so your custom pieces are easy to find.

Millwork and Remanufacturing

  • Make sure every custom item is profitable. Find true costs by quantifying the exact material, labor, and equipment required for each job. Import current market costs directly from publications like Random Lengths. Quote more accurate estimates and protect margins on each job.
  • Optimize production capacity. Agility reconciles the time, labor, and equipment required for each job against the available capacity of each resource. Give customers realistic timeframes and avoid missing deadlines.

Business Intelligence

  • Flexible and detailed reporting. Better data leads to better decisions. Agility has customizable reports for every aspect of your operation, including open payables, the general ledger, delivery times, rebates, sales performances, and account activity. Break out the results by branch, customer, sales rep, item type, credit limit, amount due, and more.
  • Peace of mind through automated processes. Execute your most important processes on schedule, every time. There’s no need for employees to stay late to print invoices, do the G/L balancing daily, run cash receipt batches, or create pick files. Schedule processes to run once a day, twice a month, four times a year, or at any custom interval.

Outside Sales and Contact Relationship Manager (CRM)

  • Manage all your sales activities from one place. Agility | CRM brings your contacts, opportunities, activity logs and calendar into the same program.
  • Get more face-time with less drive-time. Use the CRM’s mapping feature to schedule appointments in the most logical order and find other area customers to visit when traveling.
  • Be ready for any meeting in moments. Review an account’s total sales, top products, open quotes, late invoices and more in just a few minutes. The integrated Customer Scorecard uses easy-to-read charts and graphs to summarize key points with a glance.
  • Save time and reduce errors. There’s no need to update multiple records, because information is shared between Agility and the CRM. No custom coding required. Just sync your data and get started.