Anthony Muck

Director of Customer Support

Anthony Muck

Anthony joined DMSi’s support and implementation team in 2008. He worked as a special projects manager for a time, but his connection with DMSi’s customers drew him back to service. He became Director of Customer Support in 2019.

Anthony believes knowledge is critical to good support, so he prioritizes training and education. In addition to staying up-to-date on the latest Agility features, service team members specialize in different subject areas so they can provide expertise for tough questions. They produce a library of educational resources for customers including articles, training videos, and webinars. Anthony continues to look for opportunities to improve the support process in order to provide even better service to DMSi’s customers.

Anthony has degrees in education and history and a minor in business. Originally planning to teach high school, he discovered a passion for helping people when he came to DMSi. Anthony enjoys playing hockey and golf when not spending time with his family.

 “Every one of my coworkers consistently goes above and beyond to help out our customers. We all work together to make Agility the best possible product. I’m really proud of that.”