Bob Hillson

Senior Consultant

Bob Hillson

Bob joined DMSi in 2013 after 26 years in the millwork industry. He has worked in many different areas of millwork operations, including purchasing, sales, management, product configuration, and production. His real-world experience is invaluable when helping DMSi’s customers.

Bob is an expert in CAFE, a business logic that lets end-users quickly configure custom items. CAFE is extremely valuable, but set up, design and implementation are complicated. Having experienced them as both a user and a consultant, Bob understands these processes inside and out. He takes an organized and efficient approach to each project. Because he has been in their position, Bob relates to his customers’ needs and concerns. He builds foundations to support their goals far into the future.

Bob has a Bachelor of Arts and Science degree in management from the University of Massachusetts.

“It’s easier to understand a customer when you have been in their position and speak their language; you know where they are coming from. Guiding customers through what seems like a daunting process into a successful and manageable result is very satisfying.“