Brent Heavican

Vice President & CTO

Brent Heavican

Brent joined DMSi in 2004 as a software engineer. He went on to fill several leadership roles including Manager and Director of Software Development, and then Director of Research and Development. He became Vice President of Technology in 2015 and Chief Technology Officer in 2019.

As CTO, Brent has responsibility for the long-term vision and architecture for Agility, day-to-day operations of the development team and third-party vendor management. He researches new technologies, creates methods for DMSi to leverage them and ensures any changes will allow Agility to grow into the future. Brent also watches developments in the ERP landscape and evaluates whether they would bring value to DMSi’s customers and their businesses.

Brent graduated from the Peter Kiewit Institute at the University of Nebraska-Omaha with a Bachelors in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics.

“DMSi’s focus of one brand and one mission serving one industry is powerful. The way employees care for and treat each other, and the way we treat our customers makes me proud to work here.”