Christine Perquin

Implementation Associate

Christine Perquin

Christine came to DMSi in 2011 as a member of the support and implementation team.

Christine excels in the details of software implementation. She learns the ins and outs of a customer’s current operation and determines how their existing processes would look when performed in Agility. Then she works with the customer to improve those processes, based on their goals and industry best practices. Once new procedures are established Christine guides users through each one until they are confident, answering questions that arise and making adjustments as needed. Christine’s methodical approach reduces the chance of unwelcome surprises during go-live and makes the transition to Agility as smooth as possible.

Christine has an Associate’s degree in accounting and a Bachelor’s in business administration.

“I have the best coworkers. I love working with people who really care about delivering the best product and the best service to our customers.”