Francine Vonderfecht


Francine Vonderfecht

Francine joined DMSi in 2015, bringing a range of valuable skills. Her background includes experience in software implementation and design, supply chain management, and window and door manufacturing.

Thoroughness is key for Francine. While an implementation associate, she made a point to tour each customer’s facility to better understand their operation and find the best ways to leverage Agility within their business. As a business analyst, she draws on this experience to advance Agility in ways that meet customers’ real-world needs.

Francine is a graduate of the Jeffrey S. Raikes School at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln with degrees in Finance and International Business.

“DMSi has put a lot of effort into building a solid foundation of knowledge for both its employees and customers. I’ve never seen a company take such a smart approach to building a highly complex and extremely capable software suite.”