Matt West

Project Manager

Matt West

Matt West joined the DMSi Implementation team in 2014, bringing over 20 years of well-rounded management experience.

Matt’s primary role is to bring customers’ businesses online by planning and executing implementation projects. Before beginning, he makes sure he understands the needs and processes of each client and their operation. Customers are then trained on all of Agility’s features, so they can determine how the software will fit into their daily tasks. In addition to serving as a project manager on Agility implementations, Matt is also heavily involved with DMSi’s new products, Agility | CRM and Agility | DIY. He worked on beta versions of both applications, and now helps existing customers implement them at their businesses.

Matt earned a bachelor’s degree in management information systems from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. His background includes working as the senior manager of data partnerships and analytics with Infogroup.

“I appreciate that our products are continually evolving. It keeps the job interesting and means there is always more to learn.”