Michelle Spence

Senior Account Manager

Michelle Spence

Michelle joined DMSi in 2014 after several years as an Agility user. Her experience of working for two different DMSi customers and implementing Agility at both of them made her an extremely valuable addition to the team. She is currently a Senior Account Manager.

Michelle’s real-world experience with Agility helps her see things from customers’ perspectives. She believes that listening is key to understanding a client’s goals and ensuring their success. Michelle is an inventory and cycle counting expert. She enjoys helping customers implement an effective cycle count strategy and seeing the significant improvements in their operations.

Michelle has a bachelor’s degree in business management. Prior to coming to DMSi, she was the systems manager and inventory specialist for a large moulding distributor.

“I love sharing new Agility features with our customers. It’s incredibly satisfying when the simplest features can make someone’s job so much easier.”