Patrick Cropsey


Patrick Cropsey

Patrick joined DMSi in 2013. He worked as a member of both the Support and Implementation teams before moving to Development.

Patrick’s strength lies in improving performance by increasing visibility and efficiency. He appreciates opportunities that allow him to examine customers’ goals and find the best way Agility can help achieve them. Patrick is well-versed in every aspect of remanufacturing, including CAFE logic (the engine behind DMSi’s product configurator), bills of materials (BOMs) for custom items, resource scheduling, and auto transfers for multi-branch companies. He can set these up for any line of business, including millwork, gutter systems, deck configurations, and more. In addition to his remanufacturing expertise, Patrick is skilled in assisting customers with Agility | eCommerce.

Patrick double majored in accounting and economics in college, and has worked in accounts payable. He also spent two years performing cost/project accounting for a construction company.

“I love our focus on the building materials industry. By focusing on one sector, we are able to better understand our customer, their business, and the challenges that they face on a day-to-day basis.”