Tanya Hansen

Director of Human Resources

Tanya Hansen

Tanya started at DMSi in 1998 and has served in numerous capacities, including receptionist, administrative assistant, financial services specialist, and human resources manager. The variety of experiences has given her a wealth of knowledge about DMSi’s operations, employees, and customers.

As director of HR, Tanya sees DMSi’s employees as her own “customers” and strives to make sure they are satisfied in their professional roles. She ensures they have the proper tools, environment, benefits, and work-family balance to succeed. Whether it’s professional development or a social event, Tanya constantly finds new ways to enrich employees’ experiences. The supportive and engaging work culture helps the DMSi team provide the best possible service to customers.

Tanya attended the University of Nebraska and is a member of both SHRM and HRAM.

“I love coming to work every day and seeing our team accomplish great things. We are a very talented group of people that cares about each other, our company and our customers.”