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DMSi for hardwoods

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When Accuracy Is Important, Software Is Critical

There’s only one way to succeed in hardwood lumber: know your numbers. Margins make or break businesses in this industry. Timing is everything. Our software tools reduce human error and get your operation up to speed.

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Your Entire Inventory, Integrated and Updated With Agility

Once inventory is managed right, everything else can start falling into place. The precision you achieve with Agility means you can calculate costs, maximize production, and start impressing more customers. Agility’s remanufacturing management and tally tracking abilities provide the visibility you need to protect your margins.

Control & Capture

Easily capture, enter, or import tallies in whatever form you choose: end tally, block tally, or total footage. Agility quantifies the exact material, labor, and equipment required for each work order and calculates the true cost of every job.

Optimize Capacity

Automated tools make ordering faster and more accurate, optimizing timelines.

Effortless Information

Find products faster by searching inventory across branches, down to the piece count and board lengths in a tallied lumber unit. Track inventory by linking specific items to orders, whether it’s a one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-one transaction.

Standout Solutions

Outfit your team and support your whole business with dynamic software.


Do your lumber tallies in minutes. The stuff of miracles for hardwood businesses.

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Building Results CRM

Help your sales team win. Build better customer relationships with superior calendar and territory management, prospect goal setting, contact reminders, and more.

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DMSi for hardwoods


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