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At DMSi, we take a powerful software package and tailor it to what our pool and spa customers need. We help you to see the whole picture, so you can ask the most important question of all: Where do you want to go next? 


Maximize Pool Season 

Agility is a powerful sales, accounting, and inventory management system for pool and spa distributors that integrates your entire operation. 

Inventory Accuracy 

Sales reps know what’s in stock, buyers know what to purchase, and warehouse staff know where to find it- always. 

Warehouse Management

Solutions for real-time tracking and management of your on-hand inventory.

eCommerce Solutions

Take online orders and payments via the integrated portal or APIs.

Pool Kits

Easily create, manage, track, and sell your own pool kits and assemblies. 

Order Management 

Software to walk you through it, including special orders and non-stocks. 

Flexible Purchasing and Pricing

Real-time data to re-cost purchase orders or reprice sales orders based on current supply costs.   

Multi-Branch Support

View all account and transaction customer details, easy branch transfers and stock visibility.   


Improve cash flow and reporting accuracy with real-time data. 

Standout Solutions

Outfit your team and support your whole business with dynamic software.

Building Results CRM

Help your sales team win. Build better customer relationships with superior calendar and territory management, prospect goal setting, contact reminders, and more.

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