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We've grown alongside the roofing and siding industry to craft the best software solutions to manage and grow your business.

DMSi for Roofing and Siding

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Technology for People Who Work with Their Hands.

DMSi for roofing and siding. We know how to build inventory and accounting software for the challenges roofing and siding distributors face every day. Rebates? No problem. Buy or sell side? We do both. We calculate in bundles and we show up to build partnerships that last. 

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Devin Galloway, Holden Humphrey Company


Powerful Sales, Accounting, and Inventory Management for Roofing & Siding   

With Agility, you know what’s on the ground, what’s sold, and what’s been delivered, down to every last square. And that’s just the beginning.

Buying & Selling

Set up pricing records based on margin or multipliers. Give quotes using group header items or itemized lists. Duplicate and reprice quotes for multiple customers.

Automatic Reports

Real-time data about outstanding orders, stock levels, dispatch schedules, and sales performance helps you develop more targeted sales and purchasing plans.


When customers call for pricing, sales reps can enter the list of items before looking up the job. Product lists can be turned into quotes or sales orders.

Standout Solutions

Outfit your team and support your whole business with dynamic software.

Building Results CRM

Help your sales team win. Build better customer relationships with superior calendar and territory management, prospect goal setting, contact reminders, and more.

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