Agility gives drywall distributors powerful tools to improve operations and provide better service. Precise, multi-dimensional tracking of wallboard and steel products reduces errors and surplus inventory, and speeds up order entry for sales and purchasing. The customizable order entry screen gives sales reps everything they need to quickly complete transactions. Accurate and detailed reports improve operational visibility so you can make better decisions.

“All the bells and whistles of Agility enabled us to automatically change every quote, even the big commercial jobs.”  -Barb Hughes, Shawnee Manager, Holmes Drywall

Purchasing & Sales

  • Easily view and maintain records for sheet goods. A single item code tracks multiple dimension records for a product. Dramatically reduces the volume of item codes in your catalog. Searching, pricing, ordering, and reporting are faster and easier.
  • Easily create estimates for commercial jobs. Calculate large quotes by the square or linear foot.
  • Use escalator pricing to schedule automatic price increases. Create multiple pricing records at one time when quoting a job. Give customers a clear schedule of date-specific pricing when a quote is printed.
  • Manage contracts with multiple deliveries over time. Agility counts each delivery against the original quoted amount and identifies change orders. Provides visibility of the entire project instead of a series of separate transactions.
  • Conduct business with major buying groups. EDI-ready capabilities makes sales more efficient by conducting transactions electronically.
  • Get the full picture. Customizable viewers provide current data about outstanding orders, stock levels, dispatch schedules, and more. Users can click on graphics within the viewers and go directly to the related reports.

POS Flexibility

  • Faster order entry. Add multiple sizes of a product to a sales order without keying multiple sku numbers.
  • View available quantity and anticipate delays. Order entry screen shows available quantity of each item in realtime. Sales reps can proactively alert customers to possible delays or use the Alternative Items function to find substitute products.
  • Increase add-on items when creating orders. Related products appear when an item is entered in the sales order. It’s a helpful suggestive selling tool and ensures accessories are compatible.
  • Accommodate customer preferences. Choose to display pricing by footage or by piece when creating sales orders, invoices, and other documents. Give customers their preferred format without complicating your own accounting records.
  • Easier and more accurate retail transactions. Point of Sale module lets you use a barcode reader to quickly add accessory items to an order.
  • Customize order entry screens to your processes. Editable order entry screens make it easy to include only the fields you need, in the order you need them. Create interfaces for a specific employee or department, or a general interface for the entire company.

Matt Martinkus, CFO at Western Materials, benefits from Agility’s strong inventory control and footage reporting.