Hardwood Lumber

Hardwood Lumber

Accurate inventory information is critical to profitability in the hardwood lumber industry. Agility’s precise remanufacturing management and tally tracking abilities provide the visibility you need to protect margins. This specialized functionality is what makes Agility the long-standing software leader for companies throughout the hardwood lumber supply chain.

“Today, I tap into the computer for real time information… DMSi software is our information clearinghouse.”  -Mike Finn, VP, SEEMAC Incorporated


  • Calculate the true cost of every job. Quantify the exact material, labor, and equipment required for each work order. Link finished product to specific sales orders to accurately push costs.
  • Optimize your production capacity. Interactive, customizable viewers display production schedules (track by the employee, the machine, etc.). Agility reconciles the time, labor, and equipment required for each job against the available capacity of each resource. Give customers realistic timeframes and avoid missing deadlines.
  • Easier and more accurate work orders. Work orders are automatically generated when sales staff enter a bill of materials. This saves time during order entry and reduces opportunities for human error.
  • Better visibility and control of build-to-order and build-to-stock. Track inventory by linking specific items to purchase and sales orders, whether it’s a one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-one transaction.

Inventory Control

  • Precise tally capture. Decide the right amount of information to capture. This feature was specifically designed for hardwood. Easily capture, enter, or import an end tally, block tally, chain tally, or just total footage.
  • Avoid shipping errors and reduce over-purchasing. Tagging features allow you to quickly find the correct product by searching inventory across branches, down to the piece count and board lengths in a tallied lumber unit.
  • Easily view and maintain product records. A single item code accounts for all dimension records for a product across all branches. Allows much easier and more accurate catalog set up, maintenance, ordering, pricing, viewing, and reporting.

Billy Collins, CFO at Holt & Bugbee Co., trusts Agility to ensure every board of every pack is in inventory.