Agility software allows you to easily manage the distribution and fabrication of high-pressure laminates and other sheet goods. Simplifying rebates, remanufacturing, and sales order entry makes laminate operations more efficient and profitable.


  • Choose the right pricing level. Create tiers based on sales to identify the appropriate pricing level for each customer.
  • Know your sales, and your rebates. Detailed and easy-to-read reports break down sales by customer, item, and pricing level to calculate correct rebate amounts for each manufacturer.
  • Save time and reduce errors in the rebate process. Agility has preformatted reports for major manufacturers like Formica, Nevamar, Pionite, and Wilsonart to help you prepare and submit rebates.


  • Optimize cuts with an automatic process. Set your own formula for determining which piece to use and the order in which cuts should be performed. Agility accurately uses your formulas every time it assigns pieces to work orders. Eliminates the risk of human error or oversight.
  • Streamline laid-up paneling operations. Interactive, customizable viewers display production schedules (track by employee, machine, etc.), progress updates, and performance reports.


  • Simplify order entry. Customize the order entry screen so it includes all the fields employees need, and none of the fields they don’t. Create separate interfaces for employees, departments, or use one interface for your entire company.
  • Easier purchasing and maintenance of sheet good items. Use a single item code to account for all sizes of a given product. This dramatically reduces the volume of items in your catalog, making them easier to search.
  • Centralize purchasing to simplify orders and provide faster service. When customers order an item kept at another location, Agility automatically creates and submits a request for it. Items are then flagged to transfer to the selling location or for shipping directly to the customer, eliminating the need to transfer parts between branches.
  • Easily offer quantity breaks on larger orders. Assortment pricing lets you set up product groups for like items (for example, different colors of the same type of laminate). Agility can re-price orders based on these groups.
  • Improve upselling by being proactive. Compatible products display when an item is entered on a sales order. This helps sales staff serve anticipate customer needs, and is an excellent suggestive selling tool.