Pro Dealers

Pro Dealers

Agility helps Pro Dealers deliver the dependable, reliable service that earns customer loyalty. Orders arrive on time and in full, even when the details keep changing. Product is available when customers want it, even if vendors disappear. Prices allow BOTH of you to stay profitable, even when costing gets complicated. Agility lets Pro Dealers grow their operation without sacrificing quality of service.

Rick Rybkowski, VP of Operations and Development at ESI, provides superior customer service with Agility.

Point-Of-Sale Power

  • Customize order entry around your processes. Editable sales order entry makes it easy to include only the fields you need in the order you need them. Create interfaces for a specific employee or department, or a general interface for the entire company.
  • Quick and simple payment application. The payment wizard streamlines retail transactions with simple, clear icons and intuitive workflows. It reduces confusion and potential errors, so counter staff can wrap up a sale quickly and easily.
  • Cut order-entry time in half. Interfaces with leading window manufacturers like Ellison, Andersen and Marvin, and configurators like Millwork Development eliminate the need to double-enter orders and dramatically reduce the risk of data-entry errors.
  • Conduct business with major buying groups. EDI-ready functionality makes sales more efficient by conducting transactions electronically.
  • Cash drawer balancing. Recap the transactions that affected the balance in your cash drawer. Verify the net change in your drawer balances to the money taken in Agility for the day.

Multi-Branch Functionality

  • Provide a more consistent service experience. View all account details for a customer, including transactions at other branches. Any service rep can easily answer questions about open items, past orders, or payment history, no matter where the customer originally placed their order.
  • Smoother coordination across locations. When product is stocked at one branch but needs to ship from another, Agility automatically schedules branch transfers to ensure items are available at the correct location in time to fill the order.
  • Optimize available stock. Suggested Purchasing Alerts find surplus inventory at other locations. Purchasers can “buy” from other branches instead of ordering more product from suppliers.

Manage Large, Complicated Projects

  • Accommodate shifting deadlines without tying up inventory. Agility commits stock to an order based on the expected delivery date. If that date is pushed back, the inventory becomes available for quick sales. This lets you meet customer deadlines without sacrificing profitability, no matter how many times their schedules change.
  • Easily manage orders with multiple deliveries over time. Agility treats each delivery as part of a unified project instead of standalone transactions and counts each one against the original quote. It’s easy to keep track of the overall contract, even when the number and sizes of shipments keep changing.
  • Improve coordination and visibility. View multiple sales orders and deliveries on one screen. Contract details are visible across departments, so Sales, Purchasing, Warehouse, and Dispatch are able to more effectively coordinate their efforts. Product is stocked and ready to go when the customer needs it.

Expand Services with Online Portals and Mobile Apps

  • Provide 24/7 service to your customers. Agility’s online service/e-commerce portal allows customers to search available inventory, request quotes,  submit orders, and even build custom items. They can also check their account balances, print old invoices, and submit payments with credit card or ACH.
  • Deliver real-time order tracking. Drivers use the Mobile P.O.D. app to manage the day’s route, update delivery statuses, collect signatures and jobsite photos, and more. Customers receive automatic notifications when deliveries are en route or completed. Signatures and photos are uploaded to the cloud, and Agility automatically invoices orders once they are marked delivered.
  • Develop your pipeline. Building Results CRM helps sales reps grow their pipelines with superior calendar and territory management, prospect goal-setting, contact reminders, and more. It integrates directly with Agility so reps can quickly review account details and sales history before walking into a meeting.

Millwork and Remanufacturing

  • Fast and accurate order entry on custom doors. Agility’s configurator walks employees through each required component and provides a list of valid options for each. Bill of materials autofill work orders, saving time and reducing errors during order entry.
  • Optimize production capacity. Interactive, customizable viewers display production schedules (track by the employee, the machine, etc.) or performance reports. Agility reconciles the time, labor, and equipment required for each job against the available capacity of each resource. Give customers realistic timeframes and avoid missing deadlines.
  • Make sure every custom job is profitable. Agility calculates the exact cost of each work order based on the labor, materials, and equipment required. Import current market costs from industry publications like Random Lengths so your information is always up-to-date.

Reporting & Analytics

  • Flexible and detailed reporting. Better data leads to better decisions. Agility has customizable reports for every aspect of your operation. Find the metrics that matter for each department and drill into the results by branch, customer, sales rep, item type, credit limit, amount due, and more.
  • Immediate access to critical information. Get fast access to your most important information with Agility’s customizable viewers. With a click, sales reps can view the status of every open order for an account, buyers can find out which products are running low, admins get a list of past-due accounts, shop managers can review pending jobs for each station, warehouse employees can filter pick tickets by location, and more. Viewers make it easier to answer customer questions, manage your resources, and optimize your processes.
  • Peace of mind through automated processing. Execute your most important processes on schedule, every time. There’s no need for employees to stay late to print invoices, do the G/L balancing daily, run cash receipt batches, or create pick files. Schedule processes to run once a day, four times a year, every other Thursday, or any custom interval.
  • Easier document management. Documents can be easily attached to transactions and data file records for future recall directly through the system.