Agility’s core architecture is designed around the complex and ever-changing nature of the lumber industry. Agility tracks every stage of your operation, and accounts for costs that change from week to week, and job to job. It tracks product at the dimensional level, yet simplifies your catalog and reduces inventory errors. Every window, transaction, logic component, and application in Agility delivers better product visibility, control, and ease of use.

PJ Phillips, IT Director at Beisser Lumber, understand the value of choosing an industry-focused software like Agility.

“Our capacity to provide better customer service has improved substantially. 30% better… no question.”  -Dave Zappone, Manager, Timber Trading

Purchasing and Sales

  • Know current market costs so you won’t leave money on the table. Import current market costs from publications like Random Lengths or define your own market cost formula.
  • Calculate accurate margins at every stage. Cost allocations let you measure true profit from inbound shipping through production to distribution.
  • Get excellent visibility into your inventory flow. Track the path of items from receiving through delivery by linking sales and purchase orders.
  • Conduct business electronically. EDI-ready capabilities meet the standards for doing business with big box stores and trading groups.
  • Track weekly consignment costs and sales activity. Get easier management of vendor-owned inventory.
  • Get the full picture. Customizable viewers provide current data about outstanding orders, stock levels, dispatch schedules, and more. Users can click on graphics within the viewers and go directly to the related reports.

Inventory Control

  • Maximize the yield of engineered wood products. Cut optimization helps  optimize stock by reducing waste. Agility uses your custom values and formulas to evaluate inventory and assign pieces to reman. Automating this process frees employees to work on higher-level tasks.
  • Avoid shipping errors with precise inventory management. Advanced tagging allows you to easily identify the correct piece count, length, grade, and age of every unit.
  • Dramatically reduce catalog volume for easier purchasing, sales, and pricing. A single item code tracks multiple lengths of a given product.

Wholesale Distribution

  • Get unlimited visibility into delivery costs. Check the margin on each shipment by using freight allocation.
  • Buy in bulk and sell by the piece. Agility handles every possible unit of measurement (PC, UNIT, BF, MBF, LF, M3, etc) and can be finetuned to know the right time to use the right one.
  • Accurately track costs and inventory. Reload/Public warehouse management lets you cost, price, sell, and ship inventory from 3rd party warehouses.
  • Manage contracts with multiple deliveries. Duplicate the relevant sales and purchase orders to save time and prevent rekeying errors.

Remanufacturing and Production Work Orders

  • Make sure each job is profitable. Find your true costs by quantifying the exact material, labor, and equipment required for each work order. Provide more accurate price estimates to customers, and protect margins on each job.
  • Coordinate shipping and accurately track costs. Coordinate shipping to and from outside processors. Accurately track the corresponding payables and finished costs all based on a reman order.
  • Improve product tracking. Link remans, inventory, purchase orders and sales orders. Tag the input of a reman to create a new PO or allocate inventory from an existing PO. Improve shipping accuracy by creating a reman directly from an SO or by linking reman output to a specific SO.
  • Save time and reduce errors during order entry. Bill of materials will autofill work orders.