Agility software provides masonry operations with powerful quote, inventory management, and reporting tools. Agility is tailored to companies that distribute natural and manufactured stone, pond kits, gravel, sand, mulch, brick, landscaping pavers, and related tools and accessories.  

Sales Order Entry

  • Customize order entry around your processes. Editable sales order entry makes it easy to include only the fields you need, in the order you need them. Create interfaces for a specific employee or department, or a general interface for the entire company.
  • Retrieve customer data immediately for better service. Sales staff have immediate access to resources for answering frequent customer questions. Order inquiry viewers provide fast access to details of any open order, including picking, shipping, and invoicing status.
  • Suggested items Related products appear when an item is entered on a sales order. Suggested items can be added to the sales order with a click of the mouse. Helps employees anticipate customer needs and be proactive about suggestive selling.
  • Simplify orders and get product to customers faster. When customers order product kept at another location, Agility automatically creates and submits a request for it. Product is then flagged for shipping from its current location directly to the customer, eliminating the need to transfer inventory between branches.
  • View available quantity and easily make suggestions for substitutions. Order entry screen shows available quantity of each item in real-time. Sales reps can proactively alert customers to possible delays or use the Alternative Items function to find products to substitute.
  • Avoid keying errors and make retail transactions faster. Agility’s point of sale module allows you to use a barcode reader to quickly add accessory items to an order.

Quote and Project Management

  • Streamline the sales process so you can focus on the customer. OrderPad is the electronic version of the classic sales notepad. Find job-specific pricing, available inventory, and customer favorite items on one screen. Sales reps can quickly price a list of items, then turn the list into a quote or sales order with a click of the mouse. Lists can be saved for later and accessed by any member of the sales team.
  • Simplify duplicating and repricing quotes. Sales reps can quickly duplicate and reprice quotes when multiple customers are bidding on the same job.
  • Easily manage contracts with multiple deliveries over time. Agility treats each delivery as part of a unified project instead of a standalone transaction, and counts each one against the original quote. It’s easy to keep track of the overall contract, even when the number and sizes of shipments keep changing.
  • Buy in bulk and sell by the piece. Agility handles every possible unit of measurement (PC, UNIT, BF, MBF, LF, M3, etc) and can be finetuned to know the right time to use the right one.

Inventory Management

  • Streamline item types for easier and more accurate records. A single item code accounts for all dimension records for a product across all branches. Allows much easier and more accurate catalog set up, maintenance, ordering, pricing, viewing, and reporting.
  • Control your levels of stock without walking the warehouse.  Uses sales history to calculate appropriate stock levels. Makes purchasing more efficient by removing the need to walk the warehouse or yard. Minimizes stale and aged items.


  • Analyze and track sales performance. Break down and evaluate sales performance using multiple sorts, including item, product group, sales agent, branch, and customer. Helps develop more targeted sales and purchasing strategies.
  • View realtime reports for a more complete look into your business. Provide realtime data about outstanding orders, stock levels, dispatch schedules, and more. Users can click on graphics within the viewers and go directly to the related reports.
  • Automate your reporting processes to save time and be proactive. Schedule critical reports to automatically run at specific times of the day and at set intervals: daily, weekly, monthly, or custom parameters. Employees don’t have to stay late or log on from home to run them. The results can be automatically emailed so important reports arrive in your inbox each morning.