Accuracy can make or break a Millwork operation. Agility dramatically reduces opportunities for human error during ordering, production, and delivery of custom doors and windows. Reporting and scheduling tools help managers and executives make better operational decisions. The smoother workflow lets businesses provide timely results and outstanding customer service.

Chris French, VP of Marketing and Purchasing at Brockway-Smith Co., provides customers accurate delivery dates with Agility.

“It’s critical to find building industry partners who develop the next generation of technology.”

-Ron Kirsch, Owner, Kirsch Building Supply

Production Management

  • Fast and accurate order entry on custom doors. Agility walks employees through each required component and provides a list of valid options for each. Bill of materials autofill work orders, saving time and reducing errors during order entry. Makes creating non-stock items as easy as humanly possible, even for new employees.
  • Smooth your workflow and provide better visibility of production operations. Customizable viewers display real-time information about pending work orders, job statuses, lead-time, and department loads.
  • Avoid over-committing your resources. Agility reconciles the time, labor, and equipment required for each job against the available capacity of each resource. Give customers realistic timeframes and avoid missing deadlines.
  • Allocate costs dynamically so you can quote confidently. Make sure every custom item is profitable. Agility calculates the true cost of each job based on the required labor, materials, and equipment. You’ll know your true costs and margins, so you can give customers accurate price quotes.

Sales Order Entry

  • Cut order-entry time in half. Interfaces with leading window manufacturers like Ellison, Andersen and Marvin, and configurators like Millwork Development eliminate the need to double-enter orders and dramatically reduce the risk of data-entry errors.
  • Accurately build whole-house door orders in minutes. Duplicating a configurable product lets reps quickly add multiple custom items to a quote or sales order. Provide better service to customers with large contracts and feel more confident about order accuracy.
  • Help staff suggest related products for better service and sales. Agility displays a list of related, compatible products when an item is entered on a sales order. This helpful feature makes suggestive selling easier for sales staff.

Customer Self-Service Portal

  • Launch a fully integrated e-commerce site. The Agility portal is fully functional, completely integrated, and ready to go – right out of the box! Images, pricing, and product descriptions are pulled directly from your Agility data, simplifying maintenance and updates.
  • Reduce call volume and provide better service. Give customers 24/7 access to their account information, including open quotes, pending deliveries, and past due invoices. Customers can also check pricing and stock levels, request quotes, submit their own orders, and even make payments using a credit card or ACH.
  • Provide easy navigation for your customers. The product catalog functions like those of major online retailers. Customers can search for keywords and filter the results by size, color, manufacturer, product group, or other custom criteria. Users are accustomed to search tools like this and will have an easier time navigating your site.
  • Promote your brand. It’s easy to customize the self-service portal with your company colors, logo, and even custom messaging.
  • Let customers build configurable items. The portal walks users through each required component of configurable items like custom doors then generates an image of the final product. Ordering custom items is easier and more engaging, and customers feel more confident the details are correct.

Inventory Management

  • Get excellent visibility of custom and non-stock items. Agility assigns precise identification to each piece and lets you search across branches. Quickly find the correct product and avoid shipping errors.
  • Avoid production delays. Ensure components are available when your shop needs them. When a bill of materials is submitted, Agility automatically submits transfer requests to move the components to the production shop. Not only does this save time during order entry, but it also eliminates the risk of staff forgetting to request the required pieces.
  • Eliminate inventory confusion and reduce shipping errors with custom labels. Agility offers a fully integrated printing solution that lets you create custom shipping, receiving, and product labels. Select which details to include: company logo (yours, the contractor, or dealer), customer job name, account numbers, BOM details, and more. All to provide a better customer experience.