Truss / Pallet

Truss / Pallet

Agility software provides both truss and pallet manufacturers with an agile, industry-specific account and business management solution. The order-entry, dynamic costing, and scheduling tools make custom jobs more efficient and profitable.

Production Management

  • Create accurate work orders for complex custom items. Agility walks employees through each required component and provides a list of valid options for each. Bill of materials autofill work orders, saving time and reducing errors during order entry. Makes creating non-stock items as easy as humanly possible, even for new employees.
  • Smooth your workflow and provide better visibility of production operations. Customizable viewers display real-time information about pending work orders, job statuses, lead-time, and department loads. Users can click on each summary in the viewer to go straight to the full report.
  • Manage your capacity to avoid overcommitting your resources. Agility reconciles the time, labor, and equipment required for each job against the available capacity of each resource. Give customers realistic timeframes and avoid missing deadlines.
  • Allocate costs dynamically to make sure every custom item is profitable. Agility calculates the true cost of each job based on the required labor, materials, and equipment. Give your customers accurate price quotes and feel more confident about your balance sheet.

Purchasing and Sales

  • Know current market costs so you won’t leave money on the table. Import current commodity market costs from publications like Random Lengths, or define your own market cost formula.
  • Track your costs and keep them accurate. Precise cost tracking keeps margins accurate at every stage, from inbound shipping through production to distribution. Agility accounts for facts like transport costs that can shift from week to week and job to job.
  • Get excellent visibility into your inventory flow. Link sales and purchase orders to track the path of items from receiving through delivery.
  • Conduct business with trading groups and big box stores. EDI-ready capabilities allow you to do business electronically major retailers.