Agility and Millwork

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Agility for millwork: accounting and inventory management software made for the lumber and building materials industry.

Agility for millwork


Fully Integrated Inventory and Accounting Software

Sales Order Management

Sales Order Management

Become your customers’ most trusted partner by consistently meeting your promised dates.

Inventory and Production

Inventory and Production

Keep the right products and the right quantities in stock at the right time.

Accounting and Administration

Accounting and Administration

Improve your cash flow and reporting accuracy with real-time financial data.

the features

Integrate Core Business Processes with One End-to-End System

Item Configurator

Only valid component choices are presented, so even new employees can create accurate non-stock items.

Millwork Interfaces

Interfaces with suppliers Ellison, Andersen, Marvin, and configurators like Millwork Development simplify order entry.

Whole-House Orders

Create accurate, whole-house orders in minutes by duplicating configurable products.

Cost Allocation

Quantify the exact material, labor, and equipment for each job. Quote prices that protect your margins.

Schedule Manager

Reconcile time, labor, and equipment used for each job to predict accurate completion dates. Track job statuses and lead times with customizable viewers.

Precision Tracking

Assign unique identification numbers to custom items and locate them across multiple branches.

Custom Labels

Create custom shipping, receiving, and product labels with your logo, customer job name, account number, and more.

Customer Portal

Let customers search products, pay bills, submit orders, and even create their own configurable items, including a composite image.

Mobile Warehouse Tools App

Real-time production tracking and management from a mobile device.



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your team

Take Control

Something for Everyone

Solutions that help your team work together

DMSi Agility for Executive Management

Run your business better.

Agility streamlines processes, cuts waste, and reduces errors. Your team can focus on higher-value activities, like engaging your customers, solving problems, and delivering better service, instead of getting stuck on “busywork”.

Agility’s reporting features give you accurate information now – not at month-end. Sophisticated business intelligence shows where you’re making money and where you’re not. And when you’re ready to expand, Agility lets you scale up with ease.

From orders all the way to accounting, integrating your whole business with Agility brings operational efficiency that goes straight to the bottom line.

Suggested purchasing formulas are configured for your business to optimize both shelf space and cash flow.

DMSi Agility for purchasing and inventory

Protect your margins automatically

Purchasers using Agility find the magic balance between having enough stock and not tying money up in products that aren’t selling. Let’s get rid of guessing on quantities, or working through clumsy spreadsheets. Our customizable automated minimum/maximum stock level formulas optimize both shelf space and cash flow.

Like buyers, managers who know exactly what’s in their warehouse save money and time, both for themselves and their customers. Agility is all about using warehouse space efficiently. Know the optimal times for picking and staging, stock levels at every branch. See how long items have been sitting on shelves so you can move them. When it comes to cycle counting, our hand-held apps eliminate time and mistakes over walking the aisles with a pen and an eraser.

DMSi Agility for Sales

Proactive service has never been this easy.

Imagine a seamless customer communication experience. With every branch holding customer order history, the people you serve  experience the same service level, no matter who they do business with or where. 

Strong sales are based on strong analytics, and Agility’s robust reporting features show where you’re profitable with both customers and products, so your sales team can maximize margins.

DMSi Agility for accounting

Know your costs at all times

Designed by accountants and for them, Agility tracks every penny and connects all transactions and data in real time. You can transfer money electronically with ease, send email statements and digital invoicing, and free your team from the hassle of a paper-based system.

Systems Management

System managers turn into superheroes with Agility. Accounting, inventory, sales, purchasing and financials now unify into one system that updates in real time. You can automate reporting and customize permissions to empower your team to solve hard problems fast.

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