A Good Cloud

A Good Cloud

Word of a ‘massive cloud on the horizon’ usually conjures up negative images, especially in our industry. But, in the case of the looming Internet Cloud, it’s a really good thing.

For most of us, the extent of our Cloud experience is largely personal. It reflects what our kids and grandkids are willing to share with us and the level of cool iToys and SmartThings we keep in our pockets, purses, and backpacks (briefcases for us baby boomers). Just about every piece of data we enjoy on our phones and pads is thanks to the “Cloud”.

My wife enjoys her walks listening to Pandora, the Cloud based internet radio App that kids have used for years. Thanks to our youngest, she was introduced to it for the first time last summer. The Cloud put a little bounce in her step.  And, I just discovered an App called FlightBoard, which shows the connecting gate and departure information found on airport monitors sans the crowd.  My life got a little easier. In business, the Cloud holds the same promise of a better life and lower cost.

At DMSi Software, we have been moving internal systems to the Cloud wherever possible. Our back office accounting, HR, CRM, software development and issue tracking are all in the Cloud. Having these applications in the Cloud doesn’t change the basic functionality of the software we use, but it does make our life easier and less costly by eliminating servers, IT resources, and the risk of data loss in the event of a disaster.

What is the adoption rate among building material suppliers for Cloud based Inventory & Accounting systems? DMSi has offered a Cloud based solution since 2002. Back then, it wasn’t a very popular choice.  However, in recent years, over 85% of our new customers selected DMSi’s Cloud option over an in-house system. As costs continue to drop and people become more confident in the technology, this number  will only continue to increase. An “easy choice” is how most customers describe their cloud decision.

Although the Cloud is a bona fide sea of change, it’s not of the urgent, game-changing variety.  You don’t have drop everything and adopt it.  Applications in the Cloud don’t change what software does; it just changes how it is delivered. All software solutions eventually gravitate to what the world expects. If you aren’t in the Cloud today, your technology partners will eventually find a way to get you there. The cloud is where everything is headed.

Computing power and software is well on its way to being as simple as electricity. When you plug into a socket, you get the electricity you need. And when you launch a software application in the Cloud, you get the computing power and functionality you need.

This is a good cloud. It is making all of our lives better.