Agility in the Cloud Offers Customers Disaster Recovery

Agility in the Cloud Offers Customers Disaster Recovery

Your worst business nightmare . . . You’ve lost facilities, hardware, network and data. Now what?

In the event of a disaster, hardware and networks can be replaced, and facilities can be moved to a new location. In fact, almost every company asset can be replaced except data. To make sure your business is protected from any disaster, you need a solution that incorporates: continuous backup, automatic offsite storage, and immediate recovery and a guarantee. Fortunately, with a hosted solution such as Agility in the Cloud, information is stored in an offsite server. DMSi provides backup, storage and recovery with no pressure on you.

As experienced by the following Agility customers, implementing a cloud-based backup and disaster recovery plan helps you get back to business when disaster strikes; while affordably eliminating the need for dedicated hardware, software, and expensive local backup.

Harper Chambers Lumber Company Quickly Recovers After Tornado Destruction
Thunderstorms, severe winds, and tornadoes ripped through Tuscaloosa, Alabama on April 27, 2011. The city of approximately 180,000 was flattened by an estimated mile-wide tornado. Hundreds of homes and businesses were destroyed and hundreds more damaged. Due to the massive devastation, President Obama declared a state of emergency in Alabama.

At Harper Chambers Lumber Company, the path of the tornado destroyed several power sub-stations and some telephone switching equipment, which fed the business. The tornado passed within 1000 yards and it took several days for power, telephone and T1 service to be restored. The day after the tornado, all the salespeople brought their laptops into the office and connected remotely to the Internet. Harper Chambers was back to business with their system up and running, connecting wirelessly to the hosted solution right away with battery backups and laptops.

“We were never really down during that time of turmoil. I was already a believer, but when that happened it’s like OK, we are in a worse case scenario here. We never missed a beat,” explained Steve Chambers, President of Harper Chambers. “It’s been probably the best business decision I ever made.”

Boston Cedar’s Winter Snowstorm Damage Doesn’t Stop Business
In late January 2011, a massive winter snowstorm blew through southeastern Massachusetts shutting down schools, the airport, businesses and many branches of the government.  It was severe enough to cause widespread destruction, not only to homeowners but also to local business owners including Boston Cedar and Millwork, then located in Holbrook, MA. After over two feet of snow accumulation, the roof of one of their central warehouses gave way.  Inventory that needed to be stored under cover was in route, and no other storage space on their property was available.  This not only affected their ability to pull product from the collapsed warehouse, but the clean up equipment and cranes would block surrounding traffic lanes and impede warehouse operations for other buildings in weeks to come.

The management team needed an immediate solution.  They quickly located a nearby vacant location with warehouse space.  The team negotiated a short-term usage arrangement and began the task of diverting inventory to the temporary location.  Now that Boston Cedar had a place to store their inventory, they needed to update their system.

By accessing Agility through the Internet connection, Boston Cedar used a laptop, wireless card and printer to create a temporary branch at the nearby property with little disruption to their day-to-day business.  They used the wireless access from their cell carrier to enable workstations to access their hosted Agility solution.  This enabled them to continue to process orders and carry on business from both the temporary facility and their primary location.  The building with the collapsed roof was condemned 3 weeks later; over time, Boston Cedar shifted more of their operation to the “temporary” location, which became a new headquarters for them.

“Because we are in a hosted environment, all we need is an Internet connection, we don’t need anything else,” said Angie Wallert, IT Director at Boston Cedar and Millwork. “The hosted environment allows us to have the same experience no matter where we are.  It just makes it really easy.  To be honest, during this whole disaster, Agility was the only thing I didn’t worry about.”

JW Garland Wholesale Data Saved In Devastating Nashville Flood
On May 1-2, 2010, powerful thunderstorms drenched Nashville, Tennessee, dumping over 13 inches of rain on the region in two days. Creeks, lakes and rivers swelled with the rainwater, overflowing their banks and washing away roads. The Cumberland River, which winds through downtown Nashville, Tennessee, spilled into the city and surrounding neighborhoods. The JW Garland Wholesale, Inc. building was flooded with 7 ft. of water.

As the waters receded on May 7, JW Garland employees found the building and its inventory at a complete loss.  Fortunately, the company’s Nashville data was secure at Agility’s hosted site and readily accessible. In order to fulfill the pending orders, many of the Nashville employees immediately relocated 80 miles south to JW Garland’s Ethridge, Tennessee location. All orders were filled. Several months later, JW Garland opened up a new location in Clarksville, TN, located thirty miles outside of Nashville.

“With the flood, everything was under water at the Nashville location and its contents were stripped,” said Jason Snook, JW Garland System Manager. “I didn’t worry about the data. I knew it was safe and secure. We were still able to fulfill our orders and service our customers regardless. The rest of the recovery will happen over time.”

Is your business safe?
You can’t prepare for a disaster, but you can protect against data loss.  Take a moment to assess how your company would fare, if faced with a natural disaster like these DMSi Agility in the Cloud customers. Is all of your vital information backed up and accessible?  Would you ever fully recover? If you would like more information on how your business can be safer in the Cloud, contact DMSi Software at 800-347-6720.