DMSi Hosts First-Ever In-House Developer Conference

DMSi Hosts First-Ever In-House Developer Conference

Traveling to conferences and training is standard practice for DMSi developers. It’s a valuable source of new ideas and a way to bring best practices back to the team. So when COVID put an end to conference travel for DMSi employees, the teams started talking about new ways to keep learning and growing.  

The result was our first ever DMSi Dev Conf, a one-day, in-house developer conference to share tools, best practices, and novel ideas about our emerging framework and ecosystem. 

According to Matt McElwee, Manager of Software Engineers and one of the conference’s organizers, the biggest consideration when it came to narrowing down what to teach was what skillsets would be needed in the next few years to move Agility to the web. Twelve teammates taught on three tracks: one for learning JavaScript, one for more technical subjects like APIs, new programming languages and security, and a third general track for analysts, product owners, and anyone else who loves to learn and get a free lunch, which was served up along with a coding challenge.  

“Teammates were hungry for new paradigms in web-based testing and user experience,” said Matt McElwee, Manager of Software Engineers and one of the conference’s organizers. “These skills complement the work we’re already doing in software development and provide new tools to build the next generation of Agility.” 

Dennis Kirlin, VP of Development, echoed this sentiment in the conference’s keynote address. “As we encounter new topics, we align learning with the work we’re doing now because that’s how we develop our craft,” said Kirlin. “We are a product development shop, and we master, develop, and create awesome things. This conference means we get a day to focus on how we become greater.”