DMSi Software Releases Proof of Delivery Mobile App

DMSi Software Releases Proof of Delivery Mobile App

OMAHA, NE – April 26, 2016 – DMSi Software announces its new proof of delivery app, Agility | Mobile P.O.D. It lets businesses answer the growing demand for better order tracking by making the delivery process more efficient and transparent.

Agility | Mobile P.O.D. uses data integration to keep drivers, customers and sales teams on the same page. Inside reps can view delivery statuses in real-time. Drivers can see schedule changes the moment they happen. Customers receive automatic notifications when shipments are en route or delivered. Integration reduces the mistakes and frustration that come from poor communication.

Businesses can manage disputes by using Agility | Mobile P.O.D. to keep accurate, detailed records. Delivery-site photos and electronic signatures automatically upload to the company’s primary system for future reference. (Signatures can also be printed on customer invoices.) If quantity errors are discovered during unloading, drivers can immediately update information to ensure billing is accurate. Once a shipment is marked “delivered,” Agility automatically invoices the order.

Agility | Mobile P.O.D. is the latest addition to DMSi’s line of integrated, cloud-based solutions. It is available across iOS and Android mobile devices, and can be found in the Apple iTunes store and the Google Play store.

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