DMSi Software Adds Agility Interface to RF Navigator Warehouse Management System

DMSi Software Adds Agility Interface to RF Navigator Warehouse Management System

In a continuing effort to assist customers in improving inventory handling, DMSi is pleased to announce the availability of Agility’s interface to Majure Data’s RF Navigator ( RF Navigator is an industry leading WMS software application and the only to specialize in the handling of building material products, including doors and windows. Since 2002, the RF Navigator has been available to customers on the DMS+ legacy system and 44 warehouse locations have implemented it.  Now, after nearly a full year of development, the interface to RF Navigator is available for Agility customers.

Supporting DMSi’s mission to assist customers in achieving superior profitability, one of DMSi’s major areas of focus is an improved handling of inventory.  Slight process improvements, such as the use of hand held scanners, have proven to deliver large positive effects and drop thousands of dollars to a customer’s bottom line. According to DMSi Senior Product Manager Jim Houser, Agility customers have a clear path in implementing warehouse technology today. “Agility customers can refine processes within Agility; implement Agility Mobile technologies to introduce hand held scanning to the warehouse operation; and, now, they are able to use RF Navigator to say goodbye to paper and take their operations to the highest level of efficiency,” explains Houser. “DMSi provides customers a solution which delivers maximum benefit at every level.”

America Building Products of Jefferson City, MO went live with the RF Navigator solution November 28th, 2008. They sought a system which would provide their warehouse manager the tools needed to proactively manage the entire warehouse rather than reactively firefighting issues. For ABP, using RF Navigator was their only option to achieve true inventory accuracy – right product, right location, and right quantity 98+% of the time. As with any manual/paper based solution, human error made inventory accuracy nearly impossible.

As DMSi’s first Agility customer to implement RF Navigator, ABP served as an ideal partner. ABP’s complex operation size and numerous products, which include moulding, cabinetry, door manufacturing, counter tops, pre-finishing, and standard stocking items; coupled with their strong personnel, helped DMSi determine best practices for implementing RF navigator in Agility in the future.  Jen Brooks, ABP project manager has witnessed fewer receiving errors; less office interaction and dependency in warehouse/millshop activities; and ease in training new people on picking due to the system. “We strive to maintain accurate inventory throughout the year instead of leaving the account of it until the end of the year,” says Brooks. “Our ultimate goal is to have perfect accountability with limited human interaction.” ABP’s goal is supported by DMSi and Majure Data, who aim to achieve 100% accuracy as they continue to enhance the interface.

For more information on warehousing solutions, contact a member of the DMSi Productivity Solutions team via email at or call 402-330-6620. By learning more about your operation, they will be able to guide you in deciding which solution is best for your goals and operational needs.