DMSi Stands Out in 2016 NAWLA Member Survey

DMSi Stands Out in 2016 NAWLA Member Survey

NAWLA members named DMSi and Agility software among their top business products, according to the 2016 member survey.

Respondents were asked to list “the top five providers of products and services you use at your firm.” An executive summary of the results displays the top 140 answers as a word cloud, with the largest words representing the most frequent answers.

DMSi Serves NAWLA Members

“DMSi” and “Agility” are among the largest words in the cloud. A review of the survey data confirmed “DMSi” was the most frequently submitted answer.

DMSi has been an active NAWLA member since 1989. Anthony Muck, DMSi’s manager of customer support, is currently serving as chair of NAWLA’s Marketing committee. “We’re proud to be a part of the lumber industry, and appreciate the way NAWLA helps us connect with our customers.”

NAWLA’s 2016 member survey includes data regarding member demographics, event attendance, training needs and social media usage. Download the executive summary at their website.