Integration for Better Performance

Integration for Better Performance

As mills and yards get busier, do you know what orders to accept? What order should hit the mill first? Does running a second shift make sense? What inventory levels are best?

As markets strengthen, these types of decisions will continue to affect your business. Having the right information from the right software can help you make the best decisions to position yourself for both the present and the future.

Do you have the right information? Do you know how to access that information to help you make key decisions for your business?

System integration is key
Managers in your business should know what the most important factors are that affect profitability. Bringing all available information together within your business under one computer system is a great start. When systems are combined, you can identify your company’s key performance indicators. This effective management tool can identify the most important factors for your individual business. Knowing this empowers you to be more competitive against the competition.

Software flexibility is important for integration
For maximum effectiveness, the integrated solution should be flexible, transparent to users, easily reconcilable, scalable to growth and real-time. Software must be flexible enough to specialize to your business when you need it.

There is also something to be said for choosing a software package that has been specialized to your industry. By using industry specific software, you are able to leverage the collective user experience and are more likely to see constant updates and improvements specialized to your business type.

Customizable reports by audience are a game changer
Having the ability to customize reports for specific users allows users to zero in on the answers they need for their specific responsibilities. This means a higher efficiency for your managers who will no longer wade through multiple reports to get the information they need. In addition, the right software solution for your company will have executive reporting features that can provide sales, inventory, AR and AP, with the ability to drill down into that data when needed. With specific reports by user, your key managers spend more time understanding key performance indicators and less time chasing down the information.

Actionable information for key business decisions
Actionable data – that is the KEY! An integrated computer system empowers you to turn information into action by helping key decision makers find the important insights they need for good decision making.

This article originally appeared in Softwood Buyer, November/December 2014.