New Credit Card Interface Provides Enhanced Processing

New Credit Card Interface Provides Enhanced Processing

DMSi is pleased to announce a new partnership with Element Payment Services, which allows fully integrated credit card processing with advanced Agility features. Element Payment Services is an established industry leader that securely processes over $6 billion in payments annually. The company is also a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant processor, which means your customers’ credit card data remains protected and your business can easily comply with mandatory credit card industry security requirements. With the new Element interface, processing is enhanced because it automatically recognizes credit cards as commercial/business cards. It also includes detailed information from Agility in the card processing transaction.

Harper Chambers Lumber Company, an LBM dealer in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, was one of the first customers to try the interface. They chose the product because of pricing, ease of use and its ability to complete a credit card transaction without leaving Agility. “If you are in sales order entry in Agility, go to the payment screen, select credit card and your options and you are done,” Harper Chambers’ President, Steve Chambers said. “Our retail side actually has card readers that automatically fill in the information. It’s so quick and easy, it is kind of a non-event.”

The interface simplifies processing even for offsite employees. “Now, we can process credit card transactions directly from a sales order in Agility,” Chambers said. “It is a lot more efficient for employees, including our offsite employees.”

In addition to being simple, the credit card interface is secure and fast. It provides:

  • Full integration with DMSi’s Agility software, eliminating the need for stand-alone POS terminals or clumsy integrations
  • Preferred pricing for DMSi users; Element will meet or beat your current processing rates
  • A fully secured, encrypted solution that ensures full compliance with industry security requirements (PCI DSS)

With the Element interface, Harper Chambers has begun accepting American Express cards, something they had not done before because of the card’s high processing fees. “Because of the fee reduction DMSi was able to negotiate, we are now accepting American Express cards,” Chambers said.

As an added benefit, the interface will process partial payments. When a credit card submitted for payment lacks sufficient funds to cover the full amount, Agility now applies the payments for the approved amount and the remaining balance is open on the sales order for further processing.

With this interface, you will be able to capture every sale with the easy-to-use, reliable payment processing solution and reduce the risks associated with handling cardholder data. Because Element Payment Services is PCI DSS compliant, cardholder data is protected against security breaches. Adhering to the PCI DSS compliance regulations is mandatory for merchants, software providers and financial institutions. Element’s secure processing solutions exceed PCI DSS’s mandatory requirements, so you can feel safe knowing your customers’ information will be protected.

After just a few months, Steve Chambers knows implementing the interface was the right decision for his business. “Whatever I can do to make my business easier, I am going to do it,” he said.

The interface is easy for Agility users to implement, even if you are locked into an existing processing contract. Element can provide “gateway-only” access to a fully integrated, PCI compliant payment solution while allowing you to keep your current processor. If you are interested in processing payments with the new interface, please contact DMSi’s Productivity Solutions Specialist, Shelly Price, at 800-347-6720, extension 308. You can learn more about the interface by clicking here.