Six Questions for Dennis Kirlin, DMSi’s New VP of Development

Six Questions for Dennis Kirlin, DMSi’s New VP of Development

Dennis Kirlin joined DMSi as VP of Development in June 2021 to manage the day-to-day operations of the development team. With his deep experience in strategic technology leadership, delivering scalable and sustainable software experiences, and managing the product life cycle, Kirlin will play a key part in leading Agility’s development. He will also help to bring it to the web.  

Want to know Kirlin better? Here’s an excerpt from his interview with marketing. Or better yet: Stop by his desk, say hi, and grab a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup from the giant bowl on his desk. We promise you: he’ll refill it.  

 1. What are the first projects you’re working on?  

First, I’m getting to know our team and our product. Our team is working on increasing our capacity and capability to deliver more features in Agility. We’re also looking at its future. That means I’m working on developing data capability, creating APIs, and a more modern Agility experience. 

There is so much we can do as a company; we will always have more ideas than the capacity to get them done. We’re creating stronger visibility of the work underway to support making tradeoff decisions and provide greater focus to our teams.  

2. Where are you from?  

I grew up in Council Bluffs, Iowa and went to college at Iowa State in Ames. I’ve lived in Omaha since 1996. 

3. How does what you’re doing fit into the long-term goals of the company?  

What is strong in DMSi is the desire to provide both products that people love, and stellar service to our building materials customers. People here want to understand what our customers need to do to grow their businesses. I’m helping our team bring the best available technologies to bear on those problems and help solve them. 

4. A year from now, what does success look like to you?  

There are layers. I want to enable our team to always find new ways to do things that are adaptive to customer need. The building and materials industry is adapting to the times, and we need to continue to adapt with it. Technology is always evolving. A year from now, we will have laid foundation blocks for future things. DMSi has earned our strong position by developing a strong product. We’ve earned a lot of new business because of it. We will not only maintain that but push the bar higher. 

5. What’s a great day at work for you? 

When I get to collaborate a lot. And when we create clarity about something that seemed like a puzzle, and we find a simple way to solve it. I like feeling momentum and being comfortable learning as we do it. And a good day also includes a good cup of coffee. 

6. What’s a great weekend day for you?  

A great weekend day is when my wife and I spend time together. We take the dog on a long walk. We love getting out and closer to nature. I also like to get in a long cycle, read a book, catch a movie, or hang out with family and friends.