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  • December 9, 2021
  • Success Story

During the hectic building season, lumber items are often price negotiated en route to CFP’s supply houses, retailers, lumber yards, fencers and big box home centers, like Home Depot. With daily product pricing updates, new demands from customers, and other industry factors in play, CFP began looking for ways to integrate and simplify computing processes. Old character-based screens occasionally cause some customers to be placed on hold while salespeople entered orders. Duplicate paperwork and note transcription became riskier as the office got busier while frequent trips to the fax machine to send, receive and check faxing status kept employees from providing more valuable customer care.

To improve staff productivity and handle an expanding customer base, Moore converted CFP business management system to DMSi’s Agility software in the fall of 2000. The system switch was CFP’s fourth in the company history, but the first to offer industry specific advantages. “Handling sales orders 30 percent faster and more accurately has improved our chances of gaining more business,” Moore explained. “We’re completing sales orders with less than half the number of screens as our previous non-industry software. That helps us handle growing transaction volume without additional support people.”

Migrating to Agility lumber software has opened opportunities with EDI, e-mail and one-step invoicing. On direct shipments, for example, CFP can enter an order, create a purchase order, bill a customer and pay the mill in one step. A multidimensional data warehouse provides a view of sales activity from multiple angles, revealing a wealth of information about current and historical customers, sales agents and product performance. Additionally, Moore points to other advantages of Agility driven lumber control. Unique features convert quickly between every conceivable unit of measure with a click of the mouse. Orders can be faxed or e-mailed from the desk and Agility’s freight dispatch feature simplifies transportation arrangements and allocates costs based on weight, loads, or footage – eliminating time-consuming hand calculations. Faxing inside Agility gives CFP the ability to quickly relay shipping instructions from the computer to a trucking company, warehouse or wherever it’s needed.

The end result is in-house efficiency and greater sales potential. For Moore, complete integration means 99 percent accuracy on the general ledger and fewer struggles to balance it. “I’ve been at Capital Forest since 1987 and have seen software packages come and go,” Moore said. “The reason we switched to DMSi is because they’re on the front end of technology, helping us address all the needs of our business, and more importantly, our customers. Anything the future holds for DMSi, we want to be a part of.”

One of the most powerful customer service features is the sales order viewer screen. You can click on a parent item for a mill or customer to check on the last ordered product, to see what was bought or sold for in just a few seconds. It provides information you need to sell all or part of a shipment when your cars or trucks are in transit."

Mike Moore

CFO, Capital Forest Products

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