• December 9, 2021
  • Success Story

With nearly four decades in the countertop and laminate distribution business, Web-Don, Inc. needed a business accounting software that was industry specific and would allow them to better serve their customers. Web-Don has been a DMSi customer since 1997 and were contemplating the switch to Agility because of the laminate functionality and the mutually beneficial relationship they had with DMSi employees. “We had been with DMSi for quite some time, so we couldn’t imagine going elsewhere. We just needed more in-depth laminate features.” Luke Teague, Web-Don’s operations manager said.

In 2008, Web-Don switched to Agility and they haven’t looked back. “Being a laminate and postform top distributor, we needed to utilize the cut process and rebate tables that had become available in Agility,” Teague explained. “We also knew we would be able to change with the support of the original DMSi employees who supported us when we started with DMSi in the mid-90s.”

As a laminate distributor, the cut processing features in DMSi’s software are essential. “I really couldn’t imagine doing business without it,” Teague added. “It prevents useless cuts or mistakes by the warehouse, which saves us money by not wasting inventory. When you cut product ahead of time using the system’s cut sheets, the material is ready to pick at the appropriate time. No waiting around.”

Another essential feature is the rebate reporting. “We’re able to process our rebate reports with the vendor at month’s end electronically and we see our credits in the same month. When this was a manual process, we’d have a couple of employees in sales/pricing and accounts payable ready to leave!” Teague exclaimed. “All the way down to manufacturing panels internally, to commodity sheet programs, to high volume negotiated pricing customers, the rebate program is a must. We never would have gone to a software program without this in place.“

One of the most impactful changes for Web-Don is that Agility gives them more detailed reports and information. Because the company has multiple locations, the software provides faster access to inventory availability at other locations and better inventory control. “Going to a reman process versus our old “bill of material” process has definitely helped out with inventory control on our postform slabs,” Teague said. “We are more comfortable with the current inventory counting options available than the legacy system because it is easier to count on the fly if we notice a problem.”

Web-Don uses Agility in the hosted format, Software as a Service (SaaS), which provides simplicity and reliability because they only need an Internet connection to access the software. “Replacing aging, massive servers every four to six years is extremely expensive, and hard to budget for,” Teague added. “With the hosted environment, our IT manager has much more time to focus on other things besides loading update tapes or patches. It’s easily cost-justified just by dropping the equipment and the annual maintenance plans on those servers.”

Being a laminate and post-form top distributor, we needed to utilize the cut process and rebate tables that had become available in Agility. We also knew we would be able to change with the support of DMSi."

Luke Teague

Operations Manager, Web-Don, Inc.

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