Christensen Lumber Inc

Christensen Lumber Inc


Christensen Lumber Inc


Fremont, NE


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44 Users, 2 Locations


Agility (SaaS Hosted)


August 03, 2009


Lumber, Millwork, Pro Dealer


Based in Fremont, NE, Christensen Lumber has been in business for 90 years. Christensen Lumber serves contractors and homeowners with their yard, prehung door shop, railroad unloading docks, 40,000-square foot component plant and interactive showroom.

Christensen Lumber, a DMSi customer since 1999, ran DMS+ Software before making the switch to Agility. Christensen prides themselves on being focused on service and staying ahead of technology. Because of this, Christensen made the decision to upgrade their system to Agility. “It became evident that we hadn’t been keeping up with technology and were in need of an upgraded, all-inclusive system,” Mike Potthoff, Christensen Lumber’s Chief Financial Officer described. “We decided to start from scratch and implement Agility to gain the efficiency we were lacking.”

In August of 2009, Christensen Lumber switched from DMS+ to Agility, and since then, they have seen numerous benefits. By implementing the fully integrated business accounting software, Christensen Lumber’s customers have a different perception of them. “Our customers now feel that we are a proactive, tech-friendly company,” Potthoff said. “We are seen in a new light.”

Agility provides Christensen Lumber with easier, more accurate inventory management. “Our real time visibility has increased significantly,” Potthoff said. “We can trust item stock availability and quantity on hand.” This increased visibility also applies to non-stock items. “The bill-of-materials (BOM) structure lets us easily quote doors that we don’t carry in inventory. It allows our walk-in customers to get real time pricing and availability on special order, configured doors.”

Agility has helped Christensen Lumber improve their overall operation, from customer service to administration.  “We use the suggested purchase order features extensively,” Potthoff said. “The ability to link a sales order to a purchase order has been a big improvement from the way things were done before. Also we now have enough history that we are really becoming efficient at managing our reorder points. This has allowed us to free-up a significant amount of cash without compromising service.

Processes that were once timely and manual are now simple, a change that has made an impact on productivity. “Agility has helped our month end billing process,” Potthoff said. “Previously, a statement was printed and invoices were manually matched up to the statement and then mailed to the customer. Now, a statement prints and all of the invoices print right behind them. What was once a day and a half project, now takes a half of a day.”

Throughout the past year, Christensen Lumber has seen a great deal of improvements in how they run their business. “Agility has made everyone more accountable because we can analyze things such as customer profitability and our inventory better,” Potthoff explained.

“Our customers now feel that we are a proactive, tech-friendly company. We are seen in a new light.” – Mike Potthoff, CFO, Christensen Lumber