Eastern Aluminum Supply

September 24, 2014

Eastern Aluminum Supply


Eastern Aluminum Supply Co


Goldsboro, NC



Sales Profile

53 Users, 10 Locations


Agility (Locally Hosted)


November 06, 2000


Millwork, Roofing/Siding


Eastern Aluminum, based out of Goldsboro, NC specializes in siding, doors and windows. Eastern Aluminum is known for their commitment to finding the best deals, products and services for their customers.

The Challenge

As Eastern Aluminum’s business began to change in the late 1990s. It became apparent that they needed an ERP system that could support their diverse product lines. “The software we were using was still valid, but we needed different things,” Jay Bundy, Vice President, described. “The first is that it would not track the costs of non-stocks and our method of dealing with that was getting more complex because they were a rapidly growing product line for us. The second was, we had a door and window department and we needed to have bill of materials so we could configure built-up units and track material costs. The third was better management of inventory.”

The Solution

Eastern Aluminum looked at several different software systems, but became interested in DMSi because of EPOPS Interface and the inventory accuracy features they had heard about with the yet to be released Agility software. At the time, Eastern Aluminum began looking at software, in the late 1990s, DMSi was just preparing to roll out Agility. The company was so interested in the product, they held off from making a software change until 2000, when they ultimately chose Agility.

For over 10 years, Agility has been able to position Eastern Aluminum for the future. By using the interface to Simonton’s Electronic Product Ordering & Pricing System (EPOPS), they can seamlessly transfer information directly from EPOPS to Agility, saving users’ time and making it easy to configure, quote and order. By transferring and retaining all of the job and window specifications in the primary business system, the EPOPS interface, and many others like it, cut down on order entry time, eliminate double entry and increase order accuracy; all of which translates into better efficiency, control and customer service.

The Result

Agility’s interfaces allow Eastern Aluminum is able to stand out from their competition. “We do a lot of windows and almost all of them are non-stocks,” said Bundy.The Simonton interface has been a big saver for us. It automatically creates the sales order in our system, populates cost and sales price, and signs up the customer – the whole nine yards. That is a slick product.”

Because of their success with the Simonton EPOPs interface, Eastern Aluminum has added other interfaces to support their products. “We now are using Ellison and Silver Line, too,” Bundy added. “And the programs do work well. The whole process is a lot simpler and faster than having to manually create non-stock codes.”

Currently, Agility has millwork interfaces to Amsco, Andersen, Cascade, Eagle, Ellison, FeneVision, Kolbe, Marvin Windows, Milgard, Silver Line, Simonton and Windsor. We are a proponent of the interfaces,” Bundy added. “If you move windows, they make a lot of sense for you.”

“We discovered DMSi through our industry contacts and we were very interested in their Simonton EPOPS interface. At the time, we were one of the largest independent Simonton distributors, so it was very important to us.”   -Jay Bundy, Vice President, Eastern Aluminum