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Woodwork Manufacturing & Supply


Hutchinson, KS



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Agility (SaaS Hosted)


July 17, 2006




Woodwork Manufacturing is located in Hutchison, KS and takes pride in producing quality custom millwork and delivering their goods nationally.

During the company’s 83 years in business, technological advances were gradually made to enhance and support growth. In 1993, Woodwork began using DMSi’s legacy software, DMS+. As long time users of DMS+, Woodwork realized the many benefits of industry specific functionality and reliable support. However, it became apparent that their business processes needed to be upgraded to combat lingering inventory inaccuracy, data entry errors, and production misallocation. According to Mitchell, “We used to do everything off pick tickets with penciled notes to help make sense of it all and weren’t aware of any problems before the order hit the door.” A more logical, profit building system was needed.

In July of 2006, Woodwork migrated to DMSi’s Agility software for its powerful millwork specific functionality, inventory control, and process management. “About 99% of what we carry and build is unique. Agility’s built-in features and processes were exactly what we needed to manage the complexities of our millwork product lines and departments, including pre-finish, paint and stain, door assembly, and custom molding manufacturing,” explains Mitchell. “Now that we have accurate inventory, instantly viewable reports into system information, and a smooth ordering and fulfillment process in Agility, we have set the stage for future growth.”

When it comes to processing custom configured units orders, Agility’s CAFE (Component Attribute Filtering Engine) millwork logic coupled with non-stock template functionality for special order doors and components virtually eliminated Woodwork’s ordering and purchasing errors. Additionally, DMSi’s unique Autoflow provides complete automated control over inventory commits and back orders. “Every configuration decision is clearly represented in CAFE, so the process of choosing available options is intuitive and precise,” states Mitchell. “The entire transaction cycle from order entry to production to fulfillment is seamless.”

Inventory and transaction control with the easy access to information of Agility’s powerful, customizable Viewers have proven to be invaluable tools for Woodwork. Woodwork relies exclusively on the system to drive all critical business processes. Viewers, fed by real-time transaction and inventory information, make it easy to stay on top of the complex, high-volume business. “With Agility viewers, we know exactly where to increase margins and where to cut inventory. A snapshot of work in progress information helps us control labor and plan our workload effectively,” says Mitchell. “We have the information to make decisions that count.”

Woodwork Manufacturing has experienced huge business improvements by converting to Agility. Resulting in marked progress within every department with opportunities for additional improvements down the road, Agility acted as a catalyst for positive change. “We ran on DMSi’s DMS+ software for 14 years and it was a great product. But, with Agility, we are worlds ahead,” concludes Mitchell. “We now have all the tools we need to increase our bottom line.”

“Using the same resources, we have managed to grow our business in a down market with Agility. Agility’s ability to manage costs and control inventory has played a big role in our success.”   -Rick Mitchell, VP of Sales, Woodwork Manufacturing & Supply