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Wurth Wood Group


Charlotte, NC



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198 Users, 12 Locations


Agility (SaaS Hosted)


November 05, 2007




Wurth Wood Group was established in 1983 and has thrived as a dynamic supplier of building materials. Their headquarters are located in Charlotte, NC with 12 locations throughout the southeastern U.S.

In 2005, Wurth Wood Group was introduced to DMSi through their acquisition of a Baltimore-based company that was using the legacy software, DMS+. The acquired company and their main locations were on different systems and it was necessary to consolidate into one all-encompassing system that gave them inventory accuracy and building material-specific features like rebate reporting. “Maintaining two systems was not a long-term option,” Liscinsky explained. “Moving from D+ to our legacy software would be moving backwards and moving to D+ was not an option. The support we received from DMSi led us to review and consider Agility.”

In 2007, Wurth Wood Group implemented Agility to continue to grow with the resources they had and increase inventory accuracy. “Basically, Agility made us more efficient and therefore better at serving our customers’ needs,” Liscinsky added. “It allows us more connection/interfaces to third-party software.”

Wurth Wood Group uses Agility Software as a Service (SaaS), the hosted option which only requires an Internet connection and eliminates the need to worry about maintaining the server and backups. “Choosing the hosted solution was a tough decision, the fixed cost was enticing and makes good business sense, but turning the control to an unseen entity was unnerving. Certain functions are more challenging but release updates are a breeze and so is not having to worry about backups!” Liscinsky said.

One of the functions Wurth Wood Group fully capitalizes on is the rebate reporting features, which make it easier to submit laminate vendor rebates to suppliers. “We had rebate reporting in our legacy system, but Agility is much more detailed and allows better tracking formatted to our multiple suppliers,” Liscinsky explained. “The import price program speeds price updates and rebate changes.” The rebate reporting allows Wurth Wood Group to more accurately track the cost and gross margins for rebateable items. “It is clean and easy to read and report to our suppliers,” Liscinsky added.

Wurth Wood Group uses many of DMSi’s products, but one they have particularly had success with is BInformed. BInformed is a flexible business intelligence application that lets the company view and interact with business data to make more informed decisions and standardize reporting processes. “Binformed is powerful and allows visibility profitability,” Liscinsky said.

The next step for Wurth is to implement the Warehouse Management System (WMS). “We are hoping that WMS will give us more efficiency in our operations, better tracking of warehouse personnel and inventory accuracy,” Liscinsky explained.

“Basically, Agility made us more efficient and therefore better at serving our customers’ needs.”   -Theresa Liscinsky, IT Manager, Wurth Wood Group