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  • December 9, 2021
  • Success Story

When McCray’s sales reps visited jobsites, their customers frequently had questions and change requests. They would want to add quantity to an order or move a delivery date. The sales rep would then call one of McCray’s dispatchers to request information and make the changes. Scott Schwart, outside sales rep for McCray, says the calls would quickly pile up. “There are about 30 of us in the field, all trying to get ahold of somebody at the same time. The dispatchers had to do lookups for 40 or 50 different customers.”

In addition to creating more work for McCray’s dispatchers, this system caused problems for the reps too. They would wait around for a callback, or go to the next job, promising to update the customer as soon as they heard something. Everyone was constantly playing phone tag.

McCray’s sales team wanted a better way to serve their customers in the field.

The McCray team decided to try the Agility Sales mobile app. It lets reps access key account information such as open A/R, existing order status, and pending deliveries. They can also immediately check customer pricing and item availability. The app accesses Agility data but doesn’t require the bandwidth and processing power of the full platform. Reps can find what they need over a basic wireless or cellular network.

The McCray team downloaded the Agility Sales app onto their phones and tablets then spent some time trying out the functionalities. Scott noticed the speed right away. “It’s amazing how fast it performs. You literally just push the button, and the information comes up. It’s almost instantaneous.”

The app changed the nature of Scott’s customer visits. Having direct access to account information eliminated the telephone game. “I can be on the job site, and the carpenter will tell me ‘Hey that load that was scheduled for next week, I need it tomorrow’. And instead of calling the guys in the office and waiting for them to go through the lookup process, I can find the ticket number in about 15-20 seconds, get the date changed, and it’s on its way to being billed. Again, it’s just quick, instantaneous.”

The Agility Sales app has made Scott much more efficient. “There’s been a huge savings in time. I can look at the ticket, have the information, and be on my way in less than 30 seconds. And I don’t bring a lot of the paperwork that I used to. I just pull up the app and look at exactly what I want to see.”

In addition to keeping projects on time, the fast turnaround makes it easier for Scott’s contractors to provide good service to their customers. “We can tell the builder that’s standing there, ‘we already got it ordered; it’ll be here tomorrow,’ which relays right to them. ‘Wow, that’s great, thanks for the information, we appreciate it.’ Then they can get on the road and on to something else.”

Scott says using the app has “absolutely” given him a competitive advantage. “In fact, a couple of contractors said to me specifically that they’re impressed with how fast we can get them information.” His success leads him to believe that the Agility mobile app could be “a game-changer” for how McCray serves its customers.

I can find the ticket number in about 15-20 seconds, get the date changed, and it’s on its way to being billed. It’s just quick, instantaneous."

Scott Schwart

Outside Sales, McCray Lumber and Millwork

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