TallyExpress lumber tallying


Lumber Tallying in Minutes with TallyExpress

Take a picture and TallyExpress does the rest! DMSi TallyExpress uses computer vision technology to measure each board in a bundle for fast and easy lumber tallying.

TallyExpress lumber tallying


Automate your Tasks

TallyExpress lumber tallying helps you tackle more.

Save Time

Get your tallies done fast

Get Precise

Record more accurate measurements

Manage Better

Keep your data where you need it


The Right Tool Makes a Huge Difference

TallyExpress lumber tallying helps with:


Get faster tallies, faster access to the information, and share it with your clients sooner.


Start easy. Simply launch the app, set your reference on the bundle, and snap a picture.


Protect your records by managing better. TallyExpress lets you access data where you need it.


TallyExpress lumber tallying


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