TallyExpress lumber tallying


TallyExpress: Do More With Less

End tally in minutes and do more with the crew you already have. TallyExpress is a lumber end tally system that uses object-recognition technology and machine learning to measure each board in a bundle.

TallyExpress lumber tallying


Take a picture. TallyExpress does the rest! 

All you need is a standard Android phone and a reference square. Anyone can start taking accurate tallies in minutes.  


Start to finish: a 15-minute tally now takes 90 seconds, easing short-staffing woes.


Starting within 1% of a perfect tally, the app gets more accurate with each tally.


This easy-to-learn app uses familiar technology and takes minutes to learn and train.


Breakthrough Technology for Lumber

Fast, easy, and affordable lumber tallying with your smartphone. 

Green light Interface

App shows when the phone is lined up correctly. 

Machine Learning

A.I. measures each board to 1/16 of an inch and becomes more accurate with each use. 

Split ID

Identifies splits as one board and flush boards as two. 

Instant Tally Report

Measures widths, handles multiple lengths, and creates a tally report with a picture. 

Photo Finish

Reporting includes a real bundle photo record of widths and lengths, for customer convenience. 

Adjust for Multiple Lengths

Individually select cutbacks, or type in the number of cutback boards.  

Mobile App

Tally where the lumber is, instead of moving bundles to the tallying device. 

Bye-Bye Bottleneck

Push out more lumber in less time and reduce (or end!) overtime 

No Expertise Needed

Get the same accurate results, regardless of who tallies. 


Cloud–Based Benefits

TallyExpress is a cloud-based web application. With automatic real-time uploads, instantly sync measurements, review results, and email or export to any inventory system for supervisor review and approval.  



TallyExpress lumber tallying

Service & Support

Service and support are a top concern when businesses invest in new technology. DMSi can integrate TallyExpress with any inventory system, and we partner with our customers to make their success our top priority. Learn more about our services.



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