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Distributors & Wholesalers

Grow your business with software developed around the unique challenges of purchasing, selling, and managing building materials including lumber, millwork, drywall, roofing and siding, laminates and more.

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Building materials are not one-size-fits-all products. That is why our solutions are tailor-made for the unique challenges of buying and selling these materials.


Know what's on the way, on the ground, in process, or sold down to every last customized tag.


Gain visibility and consistency for your shop so you can plan, manage, and deliver products to your customers.


Manage rebates and complicated pricing structures.


Speak in fractions, order in decimals, and quote by the square or linear foot.


Calculate costs, maximize production, and keep your promises to your customers.


Optimize the way you manage solid surface, high-pressure laminates, and other sheet goods.

General Distribution

Gain real-time visibility into your inventory flow so you can provide proactive service to your customers.

Pool & Landscape

Stay on top of inventory flow, clarify complex pricing structures, and track items from receiving through delivery.


Gain precision accuracy in your sales, inventory, purchasing, and production processes. Agility's robust business rules and date logic let you coordinate orders far into the future and streamline complex, in-house production.

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