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eLIMBS integrated inventory solutions gives you one software partner, from timber to consumer.


Easy-to-Use Tools Built on Deep Industry Knowledge

Increase Production Efficiency

From the yard to the office, our systems are engineered to go as fast as you need.

Improve Decision Making

Instant data to make better decisions, reduce waste, and increase the bottom line.

Maximize Resources

Remove redundant work and get more done in less time.


One Ecosystem for Your Entire Production Lifecycle

From standing timber management to finished lumber production and sales, eLIMBS has you covered.

Timber Handhelds

Work more efficiently in the field and more effectively in the office with Timber Cruise handhelds.

Timber Bid Projections

Use partial cruise data to project how an entire plot will cut out. Track results during harvest.

Contract Bids

Integrated cruise and bid management tools to evaluate trees and write a formal purchase contract.

Contract Management

From negotiations to execution to analysis, our tools ensure compliance.

Contract Payables

Keep track of all goods and services, including loggers, loaders, dozers, and labor.

Contract Depletion & Reconciliation

Compare expected grades and prices to what you actually received.

Bid, Load, & Sale Tallies

Fast, easy, and accurate bidding on the roadside, load tallying, and log selling.

Purchasing & Settlement

From roadside to in-yard purchases, manage inbound inventory, vendors, and contractors.


Sales and P&L Analysis

Powerful reporting for log sale margins, whether purchased directly or from a timber contract.

Inventory Tagging

Detailed inventory tracking from the time it arrives until it's sold or consumed.

Log Inventory Management

Whether tagging all logs or none, gain deep inventory visibility.

Inventory Consumption

Track logs going into your sawmill and gain insight into the lumber coming out.

Purchasing, Receiving, & Inspection

Streamlined purchase order system and industry-leading receiving and vendor inspection tools.

Inventory Management

Lightning-fast inventory search, customizable reports, and revolutionary inventory verification.

Grading & Tallying

Fast and accurate, whether you’re using eLIMBS handhelds or an integrated stacker, grading, or trimming system.

Kiln Management

From streamlined loading and unloading, to position and defect tracking, gain unmatched kiln visibility.

Costing & Production Runs

Fully understand true costs based on industry-standard and customizable costing models.

Sales & Shipping

Manage domestic and export sales and shipping processes from order until the truck leaves your yard.



eLIMBS handheld

Integrated Handheld Systems

Super-size performance for lumber, logging, and cruising

Increase Production Efficiency

Eliminate redundant office work by moving the data entry to the yard – when and where the work happens.


Reduce Errors

Remove the errors common with hand-written tallies that cost you time and money.

Gain Real-Time Insights

From purchase orders, to shipments, to real-time inventory data, our handhelds empower your staff to make the right business decision every time.

Bullet Proof Durability  

Rugged devices that are lightweight, comfortable in your hand, and most importantly, tough as nails.


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The Right Solution

We Tailor Systems to Meet your Business Needs

No matter where your operation fits into the production lifecycle, eLIMBS has the tools to manage your whole operation. Manage individual yards or multiple yards through centralized processing.

Timber Cruising Made Easy

eLIMBS’ handhelds enable easy, yet powerful cruising and scaling data collection in the field. With multiple cruising and scaling rules and methods built-in, you can work the way you want without compromising the value and power of our systems.

Powerful Analysis

Once you’ve gathered the data, you can use it to make informed decisions on how to run your business. With comprehensive tracking of the volume and value cruised vs. harvested, you get instant P&L-level analysis of timber tract performance and profitability.

Maximizing Log Yard Efficiency

eRugged handhelds move data entry to the yard where it happens, while at the same time maximizing office processes. From inbound purchase tallies and settlements to domestic and export sales, eLIMBS make the process seamless.

Profitability Quantified

Whether you’re selling logs or consuming them into your mill, easily track profit margins back to the original purchase price.


Seamless Workflow

Our Green Mill system provides a seamless flow of data from purchased logs to produced green lumber, allowing you to optimize production and maximize visibility into the profitability of your business.

Affordable Cost of Entry

eLIMBS Green Mill system gives you the powerful tools you need to run your business without being overloaded with unnecessary functionality. This keeps your upfront and ongoing costs affordable, lowering your barrier to entry.

Maximizing Log Yard Efficiency

eLIMBS’ rugged handhelds move data entry to the yard where it happens, while simultaneously maximizing office processes. From inbound purchase tallies and settlements, to domestic and export sales, eLIMBS make the process seamless.

Profitability Quantified

Whether you’re selling logs or consuming them into your mill, eLIMBS allows you to quickly and easily track profit margins back to the original purchase price.

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