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From handshake to high five, our support and service team has one goal in mind: your absolute success.


The Key to Successful Implementations

Your project begins with meeting your DMSi implementation team, a group of experts who will guide you through every step. They work closely with your team to prepare your business for the new technology. It’s a process we’ve honed through hundreds of successful implementations over the last 30 years.

Customized Project Plan

An on-site visit to talk to your team followed by a roadmap identifying how our software will support your processes or even improve them.


Remote and in-person training to make sure everyone on your team is prepared. A training plan helps you prepare for the transition, and regular check-ins help to keep the process on track.

Going Live

We’re on-site when you go live on Agility, as well as the first couple of days. After that, no matter when you have questions, our dedicated support team is always a phone call away.


Support When You Need It

A lifetime of dedicated service from the friendly folks in our Omaha-based support team goes hand in hand with our software. They have deep experience in the building materials industry, and they’re always around to help with no extra hidden fees or service tiers to stop you from getting your questions answered. You can also access our online portal, full of helpful articles and training videos.

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DMSi services

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Maximize Your Value

Continued training and education is the key to getting the full value out of partnering with DMSi. We work with designated people in your office to make sure they’re up on new releases and getting the training they need. 

Ongoing Training

Grow your team’s knowledge and skills through regular and ongoing training, our online learning portal, and our biannual three-day seminar, PartnerConnect.

Roadmap and Feature Voting

Suggest and vote on new features for the Agility roadmap. Your unique insight helps our developers continue to improve Agility and make it the best possible platform for your business.

Borrow an Expert

Engage our Client Services team to help execute your major initiatives such as pricing optimization, process improvement, mergers and acquisitions, change management, custom user training, and more.

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Welcome to the Community

It’s not just about connecting with us – it’s about connecting with your peers. That’s why we enable opportunities for customers to meet others in their industry.


Our biannual conference where you can connect with other Agility users in your industry, discuss shared challenges at the roundtables, and get great ideas from the panel discussions.

DMSi services:

Industry Meetings

Come together with other DMSi customers in your professional association (including NAWLA, NEMEON, NRLA, and NHLA to name a few) to hear about new Agility features for your industry and share your feedback with the DMSi team.

DMSi services

Market Teams

Our in-house team of market experts provide targeted training and education about the best ways to leverage Agility in response to different events, market trends, and trade policies affecting your specific industry.

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