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ERP Software for the Building Materials Industry

Agility ERP brings precision control to your order management, inventory control, accounting, and in-house production. From installed sales and long-lead orders to eCommerce and production, Agility is tailor-made for the building materials industry.


Agility Covers Every Inch of Your Business

Real-time inventory data and warehouse management solutions to track every item in your warehouse or yard:

  • A single item code tracks all dimension records for a product across all branches
  • Units of Measurement include PC, UNIT, BF, MBF, LF, M3, and more
  • Monitor stock levels by storage location across multiple warehouses
  • Inventory reports on turns, dead stock, and more
  • Cycle counting and full physical inventory
  • Mobile warehouse management solutions (WMS)

End-to-end order management, from online quotes and point of sale through proof of delivery and invoicing.

  • Customizable point of sale, order entry, and sales viewers
  • Project management and installed sales
  • Digital OrderPad for quick price checks and notes
  • Pricing rules by customer, customer group, job, and more
  • Offer 24/7 service with the eCommerce/service portal
  • EDI and vendor interfaces let you conduct business electronically

Inventory optimization with demand forecasting, suggested purchasing, pricing visibility, EDI, and more

  • Demand forecasting
  • Suggested purchasing with customizable reorder calculations
  • Centralized purchasing for multi-location operations
  • Split POs for selling off of inbound orders

From resource scheduling through complicated bills of materials:

  • Production and resource scheduling
  • Cost allocation for inputs and finished items
  • Item configurator offers only valid component choices to streamline non-stock orders
  • Automated branch transfers of inputs
  • Tally and tag output materials with bar codes
  • Duplicate reman orders for similar transactions

Track your business down to the penny with real-time financials and a fully integrated G/L:

  • Customize financial statements
  • View detailed account information
  • Provide flexible payment options
  • ACH minimizes manual processing
  • Quickly view and drill down into financial information
  • Automate closing processes

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Agility Features for Your Business

Building materials are not one-size-fits-all products. That’s why Agility is full of industry-specific features and functions tailored to the unique challenges of buying and selling these products.

mobile and web solutions

Mobile and Web Solutions

Mobile and Web Solutions

Agility is everywhere your business goes: from online sales to your warehouse to customer jobsites.

The receiving-counting-picking-staging app

Manage the flow of material through your warehouse and shop with Agility Mobile Warehouse Tools, your all-in-one solution for receiving, picking, inventory control, work orders, and physical inventory. Real-time inventory management means your processes are more accurate, employees are more productive, and customers receive products faster.

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Deliver better service

Provide real-time delivery tracking to your customers, sales reps, and drivers with Agility’s proof of delivery app. Captured signatures and confirmation photos automatically upload to Agility. Send automatic notifications to customers about the status of their delivery.

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CRM made for the building materials industry

Agility’s CRM has industry-specific features that connect your organization to your accounts while providing the intelligence and assistance your sales team wants. A simple and powerful tool that delivers without getting in the way.

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Out-serve the competition

Deliver more responsive service with Agility Mobile Sales. Outside reps have instant answers regarding open orders, past-due A/R, available stock, and job-specific pricing. They can even create quotes and sales orders with just a few taps on their mobile device.

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Exceed expectations for online service

Agility Commerce Cloud is the eCommerce/self-service platform that’s easy to use and even easier to manage. The mobile-friendly site is intuitive for customers to use and navigate. Easily add pages, images, videos, and even customized advertising – no coding required! Seamless integration with Agility means your product and inventory data is always accurate.

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