Agility Mobile Warehouse Tools

Agility Mobile Warehouse Tools

Get real-time inventory without slowing down your business.
Find, move, count, pick, and receive items using a standard smartphone, scanner, or tablet.

Agility Mobile Warehouse Tools



Faster, easier, paper-free picking.

  • Configure pick lists around your processes
  • Direct pickers to locations of committed materials
  • Confirm, create or edit commit records
  • Track material as it moves: storage locations, carts, staging areas and delivery trucks
  • Resolve pick details from the app
  • Create shipments and print delivery paperwork

Inventory Control

Manage inventory and tags from the floor.

  • Find and move product locations
  • Update and move quantities
  • Place material on and off hold
  • Manage tagged materials: get info, move, and split tags

Physical Inventory

Physical inventory or cycle counts take hours, not days.

  • Assign workfiles to specific users
  • Find items in the app by scanning barcodes or searching keywords
  • Calculate bulk items with the count calculator
  • Accumulate counts (discover the same item in multiple locations)
  • Add notes to any item/count
  • Submit counts with a few taps on the screen
  • Review submitted counts, flag items for recount


Just a quick scan and a few taps, and items are received and ready to sell.

  • Pre-receive material, or complete receipts and close PO lines
  • See linked order info to facilitate cross-docking material
  • Add item images in Agility to help staff identify product
  • Capture images in receiving and send them to doc storage
  • Make users aware of backorders on material being received 
  • Create cross references on the fly when supplier changes part numbers
  • As warehouse space shifts, update the item default location as you receive them

Work Orders

Keep production moving & complete custom items faster.

  • Track component progress in real-time, reducing delays between production stages
  • Track time and progress for multi-department scheduling
  • Move work orders and components through each department
  • Complete work orders as they come off the line


Agility Mobile Warehouse Tools is part of the Agility ERP solution.

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