Agility Mobile P.O.D.

Agility Mobile P.O.D.

Deliver better service with our multi-functional proof of delivery app.

Agility Mobile P.O.D
From driving directions and jobsite contacts to customer notifications and back-office workflows, Agility Mobile P.O.D improves your entire delivery process.
  • Signature and photo capture
  • Turn-by-turn directions
  • Customer notifications
  • Real-time Agility data
  • RMA processing
  • Billing workflows


No More Paper

Drivers capture POD signatures, update shipment details, and initiate invoicing workflows from their smartphones. Everything automatically syncs to Agility.

Superior Communication

Customers receive real-time updates with automatic shipment notifications. Attach confirmation signatures and photos for extra assurance.

Stay Connected

As drivers update deliveries in the app, sales reps can track the progress in Agility. And if a sales rep cancels a delivery, the driver sees the change in real time.

Avoid Confusion and Errors

Turn-by-turn directions, live contact records for each jobsite, and unloading instructions ensure every shipment gets to the right place and the right person.

Avoid Disputes with Detailed Records

Captured signatures and delivery-site photos are stored in Agility for future reference. Signatures can be printed on customer invoices.

More Responsive Service

Drivers can immediately update an order if errors or damaged items are discovered during unloading. Ensures invoices are accurate.

Expand Your Service Offering

Drivers can pick up returned materials from jobsites or warehouses and use the app to process the RMAs.

Streamline Billing

Create workflows that automatically initiate the invoicing process when a shipment is marked “delivered.”

Use Anywhere

When outside of cell service range, the driver can continue to enter updates. Changes are saved to the device and everything uploads to Agility once service is restored.

Use Your Current Hardware

Download Agility Mobile P.O.D. on any iOS or Android mobile device.

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Agility Mobile P.O.D. is part of the Agility ERP solution.

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