Agility Software for Inventory and Business Management 

Whether you’re looking for the best ERP software for supply chain management or warehouse management, Agility software reflects decades of technological development that keeps our customers’ needs first. To learn if we’re right for your business, let’s talk.

DMSi Agility


Fully Integrated Inventory and Accounting Operating Software

Sales Order Management

Sales Order Management

Always keep your word to your customers.

Inventory and Production

Inventory and Production

The right products and quantities in stock and on time.

Accounting and Administration

Accounting and Administration

Improve cash flow and reporting accuracy with real-time data.


Agility Software: Your Business in One End-to-End System

Sales Order Entry

Easy access to sales orders means fast, high-quality service.

Project and Order Management

Quotes, sales orders, purchasing, and deliveries always on time.

Inventory Accuracy

Track every item in your inventory in real-time without the paperwork.


Find the right inventory levels to meet customer need without tying up capital in extra product.

Accounts Receivable

Better cash flow and operational efficiency with integrated invoicing, cash collection, and credit management.

General Ledger

Instant insight with real-time financials.


Make informed decisions on accounting, inventory management, operations, and sales.

Production Shops

Cut production costs by tracking detailed bill of materials and production activity.

Secure Cloud Storage

Advanced technical security for your business.

eCommerce/Service Portal

Secure online service to your customers.



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DMSi Agility for Sales

Seamless Customer Communication

Every branch has a customer’s complete order history with Agility. That means they get the same service experience no matter who they do business with or where. You can also manage jobsite delivery in any state.

Maximize Margins

Strong sales are based on strong analytics. Agility’s robust reporting features show where you’re profitable with both customers and products.

DMSi Agility for Executive Management

Run Business Better

DMSi Agility streamlines processes, cuts waste, and reduces errors. Your team can focus on high-value work like engaging customers, solving problems, and delivering better service. No more getting stuck on busywork.

Bottom Line Operational Efficiency

Forget month-end reporting. Agility’s sophisticated business intelligence shows where you’re making money. And when you’re ready to expand, Agility lets you scale up with ease and integrate your whole business from orders to accounting.

DMSi Agility for purchasing and inventory

Protect Your Margins Automatically

Suggested purchasing formulas are customized to optimize shelf space and cash flow. So you find the magic balance between having enough stock and not tying money up in products that don’t sell. As a result, get rid of quantity guessing and clumsy spreadsheets.

Use Warehouse Space Efficiently

Like buyers, managers who know exactly what’s in their warehouse save money and time. Know optimal times for picking and staging. Know stock levels at every branch. See how long items sit on shelves. Eliminate time and mistakes over walking the aisles with a pencil with our hand-held apps.

DMSi Agility for accounting

Know Costs at All Times

Agility software is designed by accountants and for them. So it tracks every penny and connects all transactions and data in real time. Transfer money with ease and send email statements and digital invoicing. As a result, free your team from the hassle of a paper-based system.

Solve Hard Problems Fast

Turn System Managers into superheroes by unifying and updating in real time accounting, inventory, sales, purchasing and financials. Also, automate reporting and customize permissions.

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