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  • December 9, 2021
  • Success Story

Professional Builders Supply, headquartered in Morrisville, North Carolina, wanted to open a second location in Wilmington. The new location would be opening up in a very short time frame, so PBS needed it to be operational quickly.

Professional Builders Supply had used Agility SaaS for years, and the hosted ERP system was critical to opening the new location. The cloud-based platform is highly scalable and only requires an Internet connection. “There was no additional hardware to purchase and the software made it easy to add another branch,” said Steve Lochbaum, PBS’s vice president of Finance & Administration. “Within several hours, under the guidance of our DMSi implementation experts, we were entering orders and doing business as PBS – Wilmington. This was especially important because our expansion was decided and executed on in a matter of days. Not sure if any other system, especially an in-house run one, could have handled this.”

Because of SaaS, PBS’s employees at both locations can access Agility from anywhere they have an internet connection, and it gives them a back-up plan in case of power outages. “It is nice because even if we lose power at the store, we can get into Agility and continue to function,” said Matt Vordermark, PBS’s vice president of Operations. “Even if we can’t print a delivery ticket because power to the printers is off, we can plug-in a hand-held printer and get a pre-printed laser delivery ticket.”

DMSi takes care of server maintenance, backups, and periodic Agility software updates, so PBS and other Agility customers using the platform can operate leaner and more efficiently. “When you are a business our size, the IT function is me. That’s it,” Lochbaum explained. “But, with the support I have from DMSi, I see no strategic reason to bring anyone else on to help with Agility.”

Agility supports PBS’s fundamental focus on customer service in everyday situations. “It is fast and easy to find and enter information,” Vordermark described. “The orders are correct and we have a lot of flexibility to get a customer in and out of our yard very quickly.”

Agility’s end-to end functionality for special order items is also a significant feature for PBS. “As long as you take advantage of how Agility works, you are going to know where everything is at any given time,” Vordermark said. “Our business is 50 percent non-stock items. Being able to have a screw or hanger or door sweep in the system and then walk right to the spot its located and physically touch it makes our life so much easier. It is very accurate.”

“Agility is one of two mission critical systems for us, the other being e-mail. Agility runs everything from sales order entry through delivery and back office invoicing and accounting — every facet of our business is run with Agility,” Lochbaum explained. “What is great about SaaS in the cloud is that if I can get an internet connection, I can run Agility.”

Within several hours, under the guidance of our DMSi implementation experts, we were entering orders and doing business as PBS – Wilmington."

Steve Lochbaum

Vice President of Finance & Administration, Professional Builders Supply

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